The Energy of October's New Moon in Scorpio

The Energy of October's New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio of October 25th is going to hit a little different. If you’ve been feeling more reflective and observant, you’re already feeling the energy. Scorpio is bring us intense emotions we feel compelled to process and shadow traits we’re taking note of. The truth is being dragged out from under the rug directly in front of us where we can’t ignore it. Instead of creating a list of manifestations to bring in new energy, this New Moon is giving us the space to sit still and be the watcher of our own lives. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What have you manifested thus far? 
  • How is your story unfolding? 
  • What changes would you like to make as the year creeps towards an end?
  • What do you need to let go of?

As you reflect on the above, think about what you can stop allowing, doing, saying, thinking or being. Whip out a journal and take an honest stab at writing something down in each category. Here’s an example:

  1. I will stop allowing [insert person] to cross my drama-free boundary by calling me with gossip
  2. I will stop procrastinating on important projects.
  3. I will stop saying “I wish” and start saying “I will/I do”.
  4. I will stop thinking of the worst case scenario.
  5. I will stop being afraid to apply for new opportunities that excite me.

The next step is to ground this new energy in actionable steps. Journaling your intentions in the form of clear statements is great for being aware of your goals. Accountability is key if you truly want to see results. So how will you do that? Let’s use the statements above to take things a step further.

  1. Have a conversation with the person crossing your boundaries. They may not be aware, or there may be a more clear way you can set this boundary with them. Let them know your vision for your interactions with them and how their gossip makes you feel. Use statements like “I would love for us to talk about …” or “When you call me with gossip, it leaves me annoyed and drained.” If it's received well, you'll receive an apology and notice changes in your relationship. If not, it's time to put this person in the "needs space" column while you create space for more high-vibrational connections.
  2. Confront your procrastination head on in the moment. You know you have a project to work on and it just popped into your mind. As you make the decision to ignore it a little longer, ask yourself why. What is it that is keeping you away from answering that email, moving a job forward, cleaning the garage, etc.? Usually, it's the anticipation of some negative emotion, like fearing the overwhelm of cleaning, the stress of problem solving, or anxiety you associate with a conversation with another person. Once you identify the seed planted within that is causing you to create delays, what can you do to motivate yourself to pluck it and move forward?
  3. Our words are powerful and can drag our energy backward or rocket us forward. If you notice there are specific statements that amplify lack, take the time to create empowering statements to replace them. Seeing change in this area requires true dedication to self awareness. If you are ungrounded in your desire to change, you'll keep allowing your subconscious to guide your words. The goal here is to consciously choose to catch yourself saying "I wish I had money" and instead say "I will accept the next opportunity that feels good" and "I do have opportunities to attract money coming to me constantly!"
  4. This is another one that truly requires a conscious shift as you catch yourself thinking of the worst case scenario and transform your thoughts. If you have a fear of driving, try to pinpoint the negative spiral that sparks anxiety as you get into the driver's seat. If you have a fear of public speaking, spend more time imagining the best case scenario of a fascinated audience ending with a round of applause. Your mind is where you have the most power and control, so start there!
  5. Your behavior is a large part of who you are and who you present yourself to be. What are some habits you notice need to go? If you tend to sabotage your opportunities by not going after them in the first place, only you can change that. Challenge yourself to fill out an application or simply say "Yes, I want to know more" the next time you get a chance to step into something that excites you. What's the best that could happen? (See #4!)

As you get real with yourself and harness this New Moon energy, do so with excitement and positive expectations. It is not the time to wallow in self pity and shame yourself for manifestations gone wrong. You are being blessed with a pause so you can shimmy things into place. We all love a good shimmy, right?


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