The Dark Edition
The Dark Edition
The Dark Edition
The Dark Edition

The Dark Edition

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The Dark Edition is a powerful oracle deck that guides you to deeper awareness and understanding of your shadow self. With 60 cards that address the darker moods, behaviors and thought patterns we as human beings experience, the Dark Edition allows you to pull messages to help you begin the process of acknowledgment, release and healing. 

  • 60 oracle cards
  • High-quality, glossy card stock for easy shuffling
  • What is holding me back from finding lasting love?
  • Why did our friendship end?
  • Why won't this person commit to me?
  • Why do I feel so stuck?
  • What do I need to heal?

Cleanse your deck with sage before using it. After your sage ceremony, be sure to program your deck with your own energy by stating affirmations of truth and clarity while holding it in your hands, using a pendulum to bring balance or using palo santo smoke. Clear your mind and body of any stress with a 10-15 minute meditation or cleansing bath/shower. With calm, open energy, shuffle your Dark Edition with your inquiry in mind. Pull as many cards as you feel intuitively are necessary and open your mind to the messages of each card.