Our Wholesale Story

Pretty Spirits began as a service based business in 2019. We offered our services at workshops, festivals and retreats. Providing healing to such a large audience would often leave us feeling depleted and drained. We realized we needed a way to protect, cleanse and recharge our energy fields.

We created our aura sprays as a way for us to ground ourselves on the go, especially at venues where we could not use burning tools like sage and palo santo.

The freshness and reiki energy of our sprays appealed to our clients, so we decided to sell them. As word of their effectiveness spread, boutiques requested the ability to purchase them wholesale.

We take pride in our aura spray line, as they are a true representation of mindfulness and self-care. These themes are at the forefront of our core values.

We love the intention we put into each hand-poured spray and we know you will too.

Shop our line of sprays created with 100% pure essential oils. Each blend is carefully selected for its spiritual healing properties.