Our Story

Hi! We are Christine and Lauren, owners and co-founders of Pretty Spirits, a spiritual wellness shop based in Calabasas, California. We are mompreneurs set out to make a big impact on the world!

Our mission here at Pretty Spirits is to offer products and services that enhance self-awareness and help our customers better manage anxiety, stress and depression.

We became small business owners to create a safe space for the millions of people seeking the knowledge and tools to align with higher self-worth, greater fulfillment and inner peace. We began in 2015 by offering services — psychic readings and reiki healing — to help our clients release themselves from years of anxiety, fear and depression.

In 2018, we developed our first oracle deck as a tool of self-discovery. Having a spiritual counselor is an incredible advantage; however, we feel it is far more valuable to teach others how to confront and process their own personal truths. Our collection of 12 oracle decks provide simple words and imagery to help our clients understand the challenges they face. As our oracle cards gained popularity, the demand for our decks to be sold in stores increased.

In 2020, we began expanding our product line to include more spiritual and wellness products. We source crystals, sage, incense and more to help our customer merge personal growth with daily self care. We create digital guides and trackers to aide in the development of healthier habits to support the self-work we promote. In 2022, we began creating small batch candles, aura sprays and bath products to align with the self-soothing rituals we teach.

As of 2023, we have sold our products in 35 countries and partnered with over 25 retailers. In March 2023, we opened our first physical location in Calabasas, California for our loyal customers — and new ones alike — to shop our mindfully curated products and experience our impactful services.

Christine Deloatch

Christine is an internationally recognized and awarded psychic advisor and manifestation coach based in Woodland Hills, CA. Christine is a natural born clairvoyant and has been professionally advising thousands over the last 11 years.  Her clients range from corporate executives, celebrities, business owners, councilmen and more. Her business has been featured in Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, Refinery29 and Flow Magazine.  Christine has provided psychic readings at spiritual retreats and festivals in Miami, New York, Washington, DC and Los Angeles.  She offers powerful one-on-one psychic sessions or group readings, focusing on topics from love, life purpose, finances, divorce, starting a family and more.  She happily resides in Southern California with her loving husband and their lively son.

Lauren Brewer

Lauren is a certified reiki healer, yoga instructor, body awareness coach and artist. Lauren comes from a long line of intuitive healers and has used her natural abilities for over 7 years to help clients around the world. She is able to connect with stress, trauma, anxiety and more in the body to begin the process of release. Her clients include but are not limited to athletes, business owners, individuals struggling with emotional distress, chronic pain or insomnia, and women anywhere along their pregnancy journey. After one session with Lauren, her clients experience great physical ease and relaxation along with emotional release. After several sessions and following her intuitive guidance, Lauren’s clients are able to shift beyond their blockages and improve their quality of life. Lauren is based in Woodland Hills, CA with her husband, their daughter and pup.

Pretty Spirits Ethical Commitment 

If choosing to experience a psychic reading, reiki healing or guided meditation with Christine and Lauren, please note the ethical guidelines we follow below: 

We value the privacy of our clients and will abide by our commitment of confidentiality.

We will advise with integrity and transparency.

If we face an energy block and cannot effectively connect to provide insights, we will refund your payment.

We do not predict lottery winnings, deaths, health issues, successful pregnancies, court case victories or divorce.

We operate from a space of love and respect all life paths.

We are here to provide guidance and insight, not to make decisions for you.

We believe in free will, and therefore do not guarantee predictions.

We will be sensitive in our delivery.

We will put 100% effort and consideration into each of our readings.