Welcome to your safe space. Here at Pretty Spirits, we support your journey to prioritizing peace. We believe your internal balance plays a key role in the life you manifest.

Book psychic readings and distance reiki healing sessions to guide your journey to feeling calm and confidence. Discover our aura sprays and digital tools to enhance the practices you learn along the way.

Soul Enriching Services

We are Christine and Lauren – founders of Pretty Spirits, creators of The Truth Decks, and spiritual healers committed to sharing our gifts with you. We align with those who are ready to take an honest look within to create positive change. 

Our mission is to support your journey of self healing and discovery through. Our products and services will help you confront the insecurity, anxiety and overwhelm that plagues so many of us. You deserve to feel the peace and confidence that comes with maintaining true balance. No one expects you to do it alone. We invite you to explore our offerings to learn more about how we can help you create your best life.

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Heart. Mind. Spirit.

Psychic Readings & Coaching

Go beyond the surface of your life to the root of what holds you back from experiencing great success. A psychic reading with Christine will leave you with clarity, inspiration and confidence as you move ahead. Take your healing further and discover Rescript Reality – a 12 week immersive manifestation coaching experience with deeply impactful results.

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Body. Sacral. Soul.

Distance Reiki Healing

Our bodies hold onto the emotions we experience, for better or worse. Learning to listen can lead to healing from the inside out. A distance reiki healing session with Lauren will leave you feeling cleansed and peaceful, while providing clarity on what you need to let go of to truly be free of what ails you.

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Aura Sprays for Healing on the Go

As healers and makers ourselves, we realized we needed a way to cleanse, protect and restore our powerful and sensitive energy. Our Aura Spray collection was born from our desire to give of ourselves daily without dimming the light we experience working with our clients each day. Explore our four Aura Sprays below and stay tuned for more to come.

It's Time to Clear The Air

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Dig Deeper with Digital Wellness

Our ultimate mission is to put healing in your hands. Everything we teach in our client sessions is meant to inspire a change in lifestyle, personal practice and mindset. We want you to have the knowledge and tools to approach each cycle of change with confidence and readiness. Explore our collection of printable guides and ebooks, designed to support and enhance the lessons and rituals we teach every day.

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Looking for The Truth Decks?

If you have followed the trail of The Truth Decks and landed here, you're in the right place! We sell printable copies of each deck year round. A few times a year, we hold a special, surprise presale launch of the hard copies of our full collection.

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