What is Rescript Reality?

Rescript Reality is a 12 week immersive manifestation program. Throughout our 12 weeks together, you will learn how to actualize the goals and ideas that mean the most to you. Stop simply hoping or wishing for a certain outcome. Stop complaining when things do not go your way. Let’s work together to instill the methods, tools and mindset to live your preferred life.

Each week, we will approach your manifestation goal from a different angle. This ensures a holistic approach which helps you not only manifest with greater ease, but sustain your new reality once it is created. Each week’s theme is tailored to give you the most impactful results. Breaking your big goal into these smaller sessions helps to create momentum for your ultimate outcome.

What is keeping you from living a fulfilled life?

With a background in corporate America, psychic healing and holistic energy work, I am not your ordinary coach. I bring the toughness and discipline of a boss, with the empathy and intuition of a lightworker. The combination of these skills has led me to push my students to a higher level — which led them to results that they previously felt were unattainable. You will learn to take accountability while releasing the victim mindset and procrastination. I will coach you on the confidence and vision it takes to create the life you desire.

Stop thinking that your goals are so far off or that others are luckier or more qualified than you. You deserve everything that you have imagined, but you need the support, encouragement, tools and knowledge to take you to the next level.

Rescript Reality Program provides the framework you need for success.

Work with me and you will receive 12 weekly video meetings, email access to me in between sessions and intuitive guidance using tarot, oracle and my gift of clairvoyance. You will receive access to a resource vault full of digital products, book suggestions, video clips from thought-leaders and more. You will finally have the accountability partner you need along your manifestation journey.

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  • Manifest Faster

    Once I illuminate what is holding you back, we can work together to easily manifest the results you desire quicker than you have ever experienced.

  • Heal Old Wounds

    I’ll help you realize how to finally let go of old stories, heart ache and pain. Freeing yourself from the past creates more space for the future you desire.

  • Welcome Change

    Fearing change is a common block that holds our new life hostage. I will help you conquer your fears and look forward to change as an exciting experience.

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Who Will Benefit?

Rescript Reality is built to help those who are:

  • Unable to manifest new love
  • Unable to secure a new job
  • Unable to increase financial flow
  • Insecure & have low confidence
  • Feeling discouraged about life
  • Confused about their life purpose
  • Lonely/need community
  • Dissatisfied with an aspect of life.
  • Falling short of achieving a certain goal
  • Confused or unsure about how to manifest
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How to Get Started

Book a discovery call

Choose manifestation goals that are important to you. Whether it’s finding love, financial increase, a new home or deeper purpose–we can co-create outcome you desire.

Sign the Contract 

Review our contract agreement and ensure that you ask any questions that you may have before our program begins

Pay your Investment 

Review payment schedule and submit payment via zelle, paypal, venmo or apple pay.

Book your First Session 

Let’s select a time and date that works best for your onboarding video call.  Subsequent weeks are scheduled on a rolling basis

Complete Sessions + Weekly Assignments

It’s important to be committed to our time together and to put in the work to get the results you seek.


Can I focus on as many manifestation goals as I want to during our program?

For best results, you may only select 1-3 manifestation goals per program. Focused attention and energy must be given to your desires.  Too many goals can create a scattered effect or a success delay. For additional manifestation goals, another program will need to be purchased.

What if I change my mind after the program begins?

All sales are final.  Take time to ensure you are ready and committed to the program before submitting payment. Once payment is collected, no refunds will be issued.

What if I miss a session, can I reschedule?

With proper notice, you may reschedule your weekly call. Reschedules require 24 hour notice. If you no-show or cancel last minute, a reschedule is not guaranteed and you may forfeit that week’s session.  Reschedules are contingent upon availability.

Is there a payment plan? 

Yes, bi-weekly and monthly payment plans are available.  Sessions will be provided upon receipt of payment.  No services will be provided until payment is received.

Do you offer intuitive readings during our program together?

In your program, intuitive guidance regarding your manifestation goals is provided within reason. Intuitive readings about subjects outside of your goals can be bundled with your program at an additional cost.

What if I want to extend a weekly Zoom video call?

Based on availability, your weekly Zoom video calls can be extended in 30 minute increments for an additional fee.

How often can I contact you in between sessions?

You may contact me via email between session calls and I will respond within 24 hours.  Communication must be limited to questions and clarity around your manifestation goal assignments, inquiries about the program, accountability support and success moments.

What if I want to do another program simultaneously about additional manifestation goals?

Availability of a simultaneous program is subject to the current enrollment capacity.  If space allows, you may do an additional program at the same time (including separate weekly meetings) or you may stagger them.

Do you offer other coaching programs?

Yes, please email prettyspiritsco@gmail.com and express your desired goals.  Currently confidence coaching and small business coaching programs are available.

Is there a referral fee?

Yes, if you refer a program candidate and they are selected to join, you qualify for a $500 referral fee.  This will be paid out once the candidate successfully submits full payment.

  • Psychic Readings

    $180 | 30 min

    Ask for a deeper look into the energy of a subject. For example: the potential outcomes of a matter or thoughts and intentions of an individual.

  • Phone Call Add-On

    $180 | Up to 30 min

    Perfect for when your mind is racing and you need support or to troubleshoot a situation.

  • Guided Meditation

    $250 | 40 min.

    Need help meditating our visualizing? I can guide you to a place of calm and clarity with a personalized guided meditation session.

  • Extend Weekly Zoom Call

    $120 | 30 min

    A great option for when you would like to review more in our weekly call together.

Let's Get Started

Are you ready? I know I am.  It is my purpose as an intuitive, spiritual teacher and human design manifestor to guide others along their creation journey.  I have successfully helped thousands of people just like you from 35+ different countries around the world.  I have equipped them with the tools, knowledge, guidance and support to bring in more peace, freedom, prosperity, love, personal power and confidence into their lives. Join the journey with us and rescript reality—you have the intrinsic magic and dedicated coach to help you attain your abundant life. Give me 12 weeks and true commitment, and I will assist you in attaining life changing results.