Sealed with a Spritz

Our aura sprays are created with all natural essential oils and hand poured in small batches to order. That means you'll get the freshest bottle possible, ready to enhance your rituals from the first refreshing spritz to the last. Each spray is infused with healing reiki energy to amplify the spiritual intentions of each blend. Choose from Meditate, Manifest, Cleansing & Divine Power — or save on the full set to have a mist for every mood.

  • Setting Intentions

    Begin your day with a Reiki-charged spritz to envelop yourself in a harmonious energy field. With each gentle mist, recite your intentions for the day ahead and take a deep grounding breath.

  • Enhancing Meditation

    Elevate your meditation routine with a spritz right before or after your session. Our sprays help create a more soothing environment to amplify the peace, clarity and connection you experience. 

  • Resetting on the Go

    Keep your favorite spray in the car, your bag or at your desk for a quick, revitalizing moment. When you notice feelings of overwhelm or stress, spray your aura as you breathe deep and reset your energy.