Declutter & Detach From Your Past

Declutter & Detach From Your Past

Last week, we talked about the how’s and why’s of cord cutting as a way to sever energetic connections. This week, I want to continue on the theme of detaching from the past. Now is the time to take inventory of what is around and within you before setting intentions for the New Year. If it feels like an overwhelming, jumbled mess of thoughts and stuff, no worries! Here is a little guidance to help you declutter your energy and toss out what you find you no longer need.

Your Home

This one is the most obvious pile of old sh*t, right? It’s all physically in front of you, watching you as you ignore the things you know you need to fix, throw away or refurbish. If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, check out her book or Netflix series for some major inspiration. I suggest starting by figuring out your ideal home. Find inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram and really let it sink in that you deserve to exist in a gorgeous, cozy, clean and organized space. It does wonders for your productivity, joy and peace. When you’re good and ready, go room by room with extreme honesty, touching everything you own. Make firm decisions to keep what brings you joy, donate what can serve someone else and toss what has run its course.

Your Circle

If you’ve been through a cycle of losing friends, you know what this one is about. It can be painfully easy to blame yourself when this happens, but guess what? It is you. Stay with me here. You’ve been asking for certain things and experiences and sometimes the people around you are holding you back. It takes some self awareness to know the difference between people leaving because they are the problem, and people leaving because you are the problem. This brings us back to honesty — as relationships end take note of what you would do differently and allow a new you to emerge. It’s equally important to understand what you would not change, the moments and parts of you you’re proud of. As you let go of what once was, you deserve to be proud of who you are becoming as a result. No guilt, shame or blaming needs to come with you.

Your Mind

What are you binging? If you’re not feeding your mind peace and knowledge on a daily basis, this is your official wake up call. Some of us have a hard time meditating simply because our minds are not trained to find comfort in silence. The point of practicing meditation is to teach your brain that quiet is safe. Your thoughts can become coherent. Those scary visions and memories you are avoiding will pass. As you practice, you can guide yourself to a better headspace. You know what helps? Receiving content in alignment with a better headspace. If you watch, read and listen to fear-based energy on a consistent basis, you’re making it harder on yourself to find peace when you need it the most. Work on letting go of any habits that lead you to low vibrational thoughts or actions and replace them with the opposite. Take in inspirational content every morning and evening as a start. Catch yourself binging on junk and redirect as often as possible. You’ve got this!

Your Body

Your body is one thing you are consistently experiencing — it’s important to make it a good one. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting fresh air and sunlight, and stretching to release tension are all habits that will lead you to greater body awareness. On a spiritual level, our bodies store positive and negative experiences and memories. As you declutter, pay special attention to your temple and what it holds. If you’re regularly feeling discomfort, tightness or fatigue, address it immediately. Putting it off will only keep you from feeling the best you possibly can. Try a juice cleanse for a day or two, integrate more plant based dishes or join a work out challenge for 2 weeks to get started feeling better. Prioritize sleep, hydration and movement. Your body deserves your love and attention.

As you move through the areas of your life, plucking weeds and planting seeds, remember you have the power to direct your journey. If you need any extended personal guidance as you recognize, release and set intentions, you know where to find us.

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