Cutting Energy Cords

Cutting Energy Cords

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Today's New Moon in Scorpio is the perfect time to leave unhealthy connections behind and welcome fresh energy. But how can you truly cut ties with old energy to create space for better manifestations? Let's talk about cord cutting rituals!

When it comes to cutting spiritual cords, we mean severing the energetic connection you have to another person, object, behavior or belief. Cords form when you enter any kind of relationship with someone, experience a belief forming event, connect emotionally with a physical object or adopt a habit or behavior from another person. Think of it as a physical pathway connecting you to another entity, allowing the transmission of energy between the two points. When you link with positive, like-minded people, ideas and experiences the etheric cord that is created is serving your highest good.

This attachment can go sour if you’re giving energy when your own supply is low, or one person is more often the giver than the receiver. Anything that can create an imbalance in your dynamic is detrimental to the connection. When a cord is created with someone or something that amplifies lower vibrational energy such as doubt, jealousy or addiction, it’s time to re-evaluate. Below are a few signs that you may have an unhealthy attachment.

Deciding to end a connection can be hard. At one point, this bond helped you feel closeness and gave you something you needed. There comes a time when you’ll need to release what no longer serves you to continue your personal growth. Cutting cords helps to clear energetic attachments that may linger at the end of a relationship, after purging old items with sentimental value or breaking unhealthy habits.

If you believe an attachment can remain intact and evolve, you can cut cords with the elements of it you wish to leave behind. This may be true with business relationships, growing from friends to lovers or shifts in your relationship with your parents as you age. To understand what to keep and release, consider what made that connection work, what caused it to become difficult or end and what it might need to evolve and thrive.

There are a few different rituals you can try to release your attachment when you are ready. As with all rituals, choose the path that feels good and right for you and your situation. Follow your intuition and choose with your heart.

To work with New Moon energy, take some time to think about what you would like to invite in the form of new, positive attachments in your life. Allow your ritual to serve as an amplification of your desired attraction.

Cord Cutting Rituals

Try a salt bath to cleanse your energetic body. 

Pour at least 1 oz of bath salts under warm running bath water – I personally pour pretty liberally but it's your ritual, your world. Allow a moment for the salts to fully dissolve while you set intentions for your aura clearing. Surround your bath with any other tools you desire, such as candles (be careful around open flames) and crystals. Get into your healing bath and allow your body to relax from head to toe. Focus your attention on the warmth and comfort of the water and the peaceful aroma. Allow your thoughts to flow without judgement as you release energetic build up from your body. Rinse off fully before carefully getting out of the tub. Close out your small ritual with a powerful cord cutting affirmation.

Smudge with sage to purify the energetic body.

Sage smudging is an ancient ritual that allows you to clear your body and space of unwanted energy while connecting to the Divine. Take three deep cleansing breaths and bring the subject of your cord cutting ceremony to your mind's eye. Make sure your space is ventilated by opening windows first. When you are ready, light your sage, reciting a personal affirmation of release of this attachment. As the sage burns, be sure to keep a protective plate underneath to catch embers. Blow out the flame or allow it to douse on its own, then guide the smoke around your aura field as you visualize the release of your cord. 

Journal or Vlog to express your feelings and release.

Both writing and speaking are actions of the throat chakra. Whichever you choose is a beautiful and powerful way to release energy from your body as you express your truth. Choose a journal you use for release work or simply film yourself talking to the attachment, whether its a person, object, habit or belief. Write or say anything you need to express, without holding back or fear of judgment. The more authentic you are, the more you will truly release. When you are finished, give gratitude for the space you have created in your energetic body for new manifestations to take form.

Visualize the cord cutting.

Take 10-15 minutes to relax and come into a meditative state. Bring the subject of your cord cutting to your mind's eye and visualize an actual cord connecting it to you. You can imagine the cord cutting in whichever way makes sense to you —  cut it with scissors, burn it with fire, chop it with an ax. You can take your visualization a step further by imagining a new cord attaching to the energy you prefer to attract. Visualize your ideal partner, a new friendship, yourself engaged in a healthier habit, whatever comes to mind.

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