The Cord Cutting Guide

The Cord Cutting Guide

To celebrate the launch of our newest Truth Deck, the Cord Cutting Edition, we are giving you a free guide to cutting energy cords. Let the healing begin!

At the base of any good ritual is intention. What cord are you cutting? When you are ready to let go of your attachment to a specific person, place, item, habit, belief (the list goes on…) it means you have recognized its existence is a disruption to your growth or peace. It takes self awareness and a desire to feel good to make the decision to cut energy cords. So, if you are ready, congratulations! You are putting yourself first and you deserve to feel good about it.

First, let’s go over a few ground rules. It’s imperative that you understand these four truths about cord cutting, so you can go into your ritual with realistic expectations.

Cord Cutting is not a singular event

We find a lot of people are under the impression that cord cutting is the spiritual version of taking out the trash. It’s important that you understand cord cutting is not a singular event. It’s more like taking out the trash and then cleaning the floor of leftover debris and bleaching the can before adding a fresh bag. There is still work to be done once the initial break is made and it may take some time to be fully free of the connection.

Focus and consistency are needed

This leftover work is going to involve as much focus and consistency as you can muster. With that, you’ll also have to give yourself patience and grace. You’re cutting ties with a relationship for which you have held space for quite some time. You might miss it, feel guilty, or slip back into your old ways. Do you know why? Because you’re human! So when this happens, just gently guide yourself back to letting go. 

The process is personal

You are ultimately responsible for this cord fully severing from your energy. You do not need to involve the other person in your ceremony or ritual. This is a decision you have made for your own advancement forward, making you the driver. 

You might need help

Enlist the help of a friend, partner, therapist — some kind of accountability partner. Choose someone who is comfortable calling you out. When you are still talking about the person, engaging in the useless habit or expressing limiting beliefs, they can ground you back into your cord cutting goal.

Build A Ritual

Now, how do you build your ritual? It can depend on what you are releasing and what spiritual practices you personally connect with. Here are a few activities you can mix and match — a ritual buffet, if you will.


Create a visualization in your mind that emphasizes the separation between you and the subject. If it’s a person, you can visualize them walking away and disappearing into the distance or fading away like sand. Once the person has disappear, visualize something in their place that brings you peace and joy. It could be as simple as seeing the version of you that is happy again. If you are breaking a habit, visualize yourself ignoring the temptation of engaging in this habit while you do something healthier instead. For example, turning away from a cigarette and getting onto a bike to ride through a park. 

Spiritual Bath/Shower

You can amplify the magic of something you experience on a daily basis by simply adding intention and other common ritual elements. Sprinkle your bath or shower with healing salts for energy cleansing and renewal. Add crystals to each corner of your bath tub to call in spiritual protection, psychic connection and purification. Visualize the soap cleansing your skin of the past and the water washing it all down the drain. As you moisturize your skin, imagine your new coating is attracting your desired outcome. Make this your daily practice and notice subtle shifts in your thoughts and actions towards finally cutting those ties for good.


Do the deeper work of answering the tough questions. Are you truly ready to let go? What is holding you back from severing this connection? Who is the version of you that is free from this cycle? Journaling is such a powerful tool of self awareness and love. It allows you a nonjudgmental space to process shadow work, uncovering what is beneath the decisions you have been making. Whip out your journal and start writing about what you are ready to release, why, and what will replace it. 

Remember that cord cutting is a process that will take consistent efforts to complete. You may need help holding yourself accountable or catching yourself falling back into old familiar habits. It's okay! Give yourself grace and keep your end goal in mind.

Pre-Order the Cord Cutting Edition today to gain clarity and insight throughout your journey to release connections that are no longer serving you.

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