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Virtual Manifestation Circle Membership

Virtual Manifestation Circle Membership

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Join our Virtual Manifestation Circle community to use the power of co-creation. We are passionate about bringing together like-minded, positive people who are ready to commit to lasting change in their lives. 

If you have ever joined our circle sessions, you’ve experienced the safe space we create for you to share your goals. Big or small, all of your desires are welcomed, uplifted and amplified by the entire group. Once you share your goal, we take a moment to visualize your success with joy. The collective belief in your success helps bring your manifestation into alignment. 

Join our circle today if you:

  • Are ready to learn how to manifest faster
  • Are having trouble manifesting specific desires 
  • Are looking for a community to share your interest in manifestation 
  • Are in need of help creating the success you know you deserve 

Your membership of $250 per year includes:

  • Access to 12 months of virtual manifestation calls**
  • One digital download worksheet per month to support your manifestation goals
  • A recording of any call you miss

** If you cannot attend a call, no worries! Send us your manifestation goal to read aloud to the group on your behalf. You’ll still be included in the collective energy and receive your digital download for the month.

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