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Pretty Spirits

Printable Oracle Deck - The Dark Edition

Printable Oracle Deck - The Dark Edition

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Download and print The Truth Decks Dark Edition for immediate access to the perfect shadow work tool. The Dark Edition is a powerful oracle deck that guides you to deeper awareness and understanding of your shadow self. With 60 cards that address the darker moods, behaviors and thought patterns we as human beings experience, the Dark Edition allows you to pull messages to help you begin the process of acknowledgment, release and healing. 

  • What is holding me back from finding lasting love?
  • Why did our friendship end?
  • Why won't this person commit to me?
  • Why do I feel so stuck?
  • What do I need to heal?
  • A full-color pdf file to download and print at home or at your local printer on the card stock of your choice 
  • 60 oracle cards
  • This deck is easy to interpret, however you can find the glossary here, if needed.

Print this oracle deck with ease at home or at your local printer! Simply open the files in your preferred PDF reader app on a desktop or laptop computer, then print on card stock or a paper of your choice. You may choose to laminate your deck to extend its life.

Be sure to save the files somewhere safe, just incase you need to reprint. We’re sure you’ll get a lot of use out of this direct, easy-to-interpret deck!

All cards and artwork are original art owned by Pretty Spirits. You are permitted to print these oracle cards for personal or professional use. Commercial use is strictly prohibited (do not resell).

Your purchase will come with 3 files to download:

  1. The cards arranged for 8.5x11 paper with 4 cards per page
  2. The back design arranged the same – 4 cards to match the main card file
  3. Instructions to print your deck

This deck is intended to uncover shadow energies within and around you. Use this deck to call out unwanted traits you may need to heal, or you may feel from friends, family members, love interests and other people in your world. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Turn to this deck if you notice patterns of conflict with relationships important to you. This can be in your personal or professional life. This deck will provide the clarity you need to identify personality traits and archetypes you need to be more aware of.
  • Use this deck to identify what traits are blocking you from success in different areas of your life.
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