A Parent's Love Edition Oracle Deck


The first of its kind! The Truth Decks: A Parent's Love Edition is here to help enhance optimistic energy around parenting, patience and compassion. Included in this 100 card deck, you will find 50 cards directed towards the parent and 50 cards to be spoken to the child. If you are expecting, A Parent's Love is perfect for early bonding with your growing little one. 

Each affirmation was thoughtfully created by Christine — CoFounder of Pretty Spirits during her pregnancy in 2021. In the process of consciously curating a safe and loving environment for her baby, she wanted to share a healing tool with other parents looking to do the same.

  • 100 card deck with one affirmation handwritten on each card
  • 50 cards are affirmations to be spoken to the child
  • 50 cards are affirmations to be spoken to yourself as the parent
  • Glossy, sturdy and easy to shuffle card stock
  • This direct, easy to interpret deck does not have a glossary
  • Choose your packaging — a sturdy, glossy paper box, an eco-friendly muslin bag, both, or neither
  • When you have the time to be still, read through all of the cards aloud. Direct the "to child" cards to your child (or inner child) and direct the "to parent" cards to yourself.
  • For daily use, you may also select a card (or several) from each half of the deck for your spiritual awareness and growth. 
  • If you are not a parent or expecting, use A Parent's Love for inner child and childhood healing.