You’re Sure to Do Impossible Things

You’re Sure to Do Impossible Things

Here’s a little throwback from childhood for you. Do you remember Thumbelina?

Her bird-friend Jaquimo sings a song throughout the movie reminding her not to call anything impossible.

Part of the lyrics go like this:

“North or south or east or west Where to point your shoes? Which direction is the best? If the choosing gets confusing Maybe it’s the math you’re using You don’t need a chart to guide you Close your eyes and look inside you You’re sure to do impossible things"

Do you remember how expanded your imagination was as a child? Your logical minded rarely chimed in to stop you from daydreaming. You didn’t stop yourself by reminding yourself that something was impossible… until you were reminded by parents, teachers, or friends that you were being “unrealistic”.

As kids, we were doin’ it right. We can still tap into that inner child - that wellspring of creativity and vision. Below is an exercise to help you break down the limitations that adulthood has bestowed upon you so that you can expand your life. What you think is impossible often isn’t.

Today, just take a few minutes to forget logic, forget your bills, forget math, forget charts, forget responsibilities… Pull out a pen and paper (real paper, not an app on your phone) and write down 10 things that make you really happy and make you forget everything else when you do/see/hear/feel/taste them.

Next write down at least 10 things that you want in your life - get as specific as possible and be as limitless as possible. DO NOT THINK PRACTICALITY. Drive this list as emotionally as possible. As an example: If the first want that comes to your mind is “a billion dollars”, write down how you want to spend a billion dollars and translate how you will feel by spending in those ways. What emotions will you feel? Get really specific. Write down what your home feels like. Who are the people you are surrounded by and how do they make you feel? What activities are you doing? What are you doing for work and how many hours are you working? Describe the city, or countryside, or island where you are living. Is it peaceful? Active? Serene? Energetic?

Keep this list somewhere where you can read it a couple times a day. Close your eyes and envision this “perfect” reality with as much clarity as possible. Use all your senses - even imagine the smells.

You see, when you expand your imagination in this way, you are increasing the vibrations that your being is projecting. Continue to project higher vibrations,  and the universe will continue to project higher vibrations right back at you. This list is not just a daydream but a tool. If you continue these visualizations and transforms your thoughts to believe that they are not impossible for you at all, I guarantee you will begin to see elements of this list enter your life - especially the emotional patterns! The elements you see may be small fractals of your actual list initially, but that’s how it starts. When you witness these little fractals, write them down. When you keep a list of the small “victories” it helps to expand your beliefs and helps you realize that “You’re Sure to Do Impossible Things.”

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