Pretty Spirits What's in My Yoga Bag - Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

What's in My Yoga Bag

Hey Pretty Spirits!

A few months ago, I was that girl rushing last minute to grab my yoga mat and run out the door for class, undoubtedly forgetting something else important. I was feeling like a fool in my heated class with no towel to absorb the sweat — and I sweat in advanced heated yoga, mmkay? 

Now, I’m a more polished yoga student. I still sweat like a man, but I learned a few things about how to support my pretty self in this physically and spiritually challenging practice I’ve chosen.

  1. Yoga Mat Strap
    Gone are the days of juggling my mat and gym bag. A yoga mat strap is an easy tool to add to your kit without adding a whole ‘nother bag to your situation.
  2. S’Well bottle
    S’well bottles changed the game for me, so I’m sharing them here in hopes you’ll stop being scared of the price tag and try them out. Yes, it’s a $40 water bottle. Trust me, it will blow your mind sipping ice cold water or piping hot tea hours after you poured it in to this magical vessel.
  3. Rose Spray
    Hands down the best way to refresh a pretty face after exercise, a tough moment or a long day. A good rose spray will hydrate your face, revitalize your skin and inspire a deep fresh breath of air to clear your energy. There are a bunch out there on the market, so here’s another one for good measure.
  4. Yoga Towels
    Yes, there’s a clear difference and it’s worth grabbing a towel specifically for your yoga practice. The absorbency and softness is on a different level and the true value will show after one use. Check out the little yoga section next time you’re in TJ Maxx, or use our savior the internet and grab this set here.
  5. Blocks
    Anytime you resist using a block to support yourself in a yoga pose is a great time to put your ego in its place. I have found peace in tough spots and eased my body into more advanced poses using blocks like these.

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