What Incense is Best for Manifestation

What Incense is Best for Manifestation

Burning incense has the ability to amplify your spiritual intentions, cleanse your home of negative energy and restore balance. The practice of making and burning incense has been around for centuries — more than 6000 years in fact! It is said to have begun in Egypt as one of the first forms of fragrance used by humans for both religious and secular purposes. Ancient and modern civilizations have also used incense for healing physical ailments and cleansing bacteria. These days, everyone has their own use for incense depending on their personal beliefs. In this post, we’re exploring how to choose incense for your own manifestations and spiritual practices at home.

There are so many different types of incense to choose from, so you will want to start with one that matches your intentions. Sometimes, the names will clue you in to how to use them. For instance, our Attract Money, Anti-Stress, or Seven Chakra incense are quite obvious. Other types that focus on the ingredients, like Palo Santo or Nag Champa, require a little more information to understand how they can support your manifestations. 

How to Burn Incense

Let’s start with a little incense 101. Anytime you are burning incense, you will need to be sure you have proper ventilation. Open the windows in the room to allow adequate air flow and do not directly inhale incense smoke. You will also need an incense holder to place your stick in once it has begun its burn cycle. These come in various shapes, sizes and designs from your neighborhood meta shop to high-end stores like Gucci. Your holder will keep your incense from burning any surfaces and may have a space to catch the ash of the incense. 

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To get started, set intentions for your incense burning ritual. Then, light the tip of your incense with a match or lighter. Allow it a few seconds to hold onto the burn, then blow out the flame. This should only take 1-2 seconds. If you allow the flame to sustain on your incense for too long, you will end up burning through your stick too quickly. If your incense goes out before it is complete, just try again and make sure it has a good start before blowing out the flame. And that's it! Your incense is lit and carrying your intentions into the ether through the burning smoke.

Best Incense for Cleansing the Home

It is best to give your home an energy cleanse every day to keep the vibration high. Once you begin to routinely clear your home, you and your guests will notice a difference in how it feels. The air will feel more clear and crisp, it will smell amazing and a sense of lightness will cover the space. The following incense are great for a daily cleansing ritual in your home. 

  • Palo Santo: Raise the vibration of your home by transmuting negative energy into positive energy.
  • Nag Champa: Bring balance to any space with this energy cleanser, similar to a sage smudging.

Best Incense for Cleansing Your Aura

We suggest cleansing your aura as often as you feel it is needed. You may feel low after an emotional conversation or a long day. Sometimes, as we reflect on our healing journey, some of the memories and challenges that come up can trigger a low vibration. Giving yourself an aura cleansing with incense can be a great way to reset and begin to feel brighter. Try the following incense for your aura cleanse.

  • Seven Chakra: Great for taking a moment to cleanse all seven of your chakras, from root to crown.
  • Anti-Stress: Release any stress accumulated throughout the day and restore balance. 
  • Divine Healing: If your thoughts have been flooded with old memories and events you are working to heal, this is perfect for a good cleanse and reset.
  • Any incense with sage, rosemary, sandalwood or cinnamon: These ingredients specifically are perfect for grounding and cleansing your energy.

Best Incense for Meditation

Setting the vibe for a meditation session is a very personal practice. Depending on your intentions and preference, you may add music, crystals, scents, singing bowls or other spiritual tools. Inviting incense in can help two-fold. First, by stimulating your scent receptors and giving your mind something on which to focus. Second, by providing an energetic shift that can activate one or more chakras, calm the spirit or cleanse the area. Here are a few incense you can add to your practice. Take note of how each one effects your session. 

  • Nag Champa: Activate your third eye, allowing you to open up to clear psychic vision during your meditation.
  • Anything titled Meditation, Calming or Third Eye: In your local metaphysical shop, look at the types of incense they have relating to the intentions of your meditation. Be sure to check the scent to make sure it resonates with you. 
  • Anything including frankincense, lavender or sandalwood: Each of these ingredients are great for the higher chakras, therefore helping you experience a deeper meditation. Both frankincense and sandalwood are commonly found in Nag Champa blends.

Best Incense for Setting Intentions at Home

Setting intentions in your home is a bit different than cleansing in that you are calling in specific energy in different areas. Below, we have a few examples of intentions you may want to set throughout your home and the incense that can help you do so.

  • Office: You’ll want a high vibration of focus, light and freedom in your office as you host meetings and work towards your goal. Anything to ease stress and tension to keep the energy flow positive will be great for this space. We suggest trying our Anti-Stress blend, Nag Champa or Palo Santo & Rosemary for your office space. To align with the attraction of money, we also recommend trying Attracts Money or any money related incense blends.
  • Kids Rooms: Children experience stress in their world too. We want them to stay in their energy of play and exploration for as long as possible. Palo Santo is a great choice for keeping the vibration of your child's room cleansed and high. 
  • Your Bedroom: Your bedroom is where you rest and restore your energy. Choose incense that will support you relaxing your mind and releasing. We recommend our Palo Santo & Eucalyptus blend for your bedroom.
  • Shared Spaces: You'll want to choose wisely for your living room, dining room, patio, or any other shared spaces that receive the most foot traffic. When setting intentions for these areas, you'll want to focus on protection and harmony. Palo Santo & Rosemary is a great choice for an amazing scent that will help maintain balance in your home.

Be sure to take a look at the best practices for burning incense in your home above for a safe ceremony.

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