Ways to Decompress & Recharge

Ways to Decompress & Recharge

We all need time to decompress and recharge our energy — it's the best way to keep your mind, body and soul healthy and cared for. So let's break down how you can do both: decompress to release energy and empty your cup; and recharge to fill yourself back up with the best energy possible.

ways to decompress


Relax the mind. Hyper focus on your breath, one particular sound, a candle flame, a specific visualization. You can also try a calming activity, like taking. a walk, knitting or painting. If you begin thinking about the day, your to do list or a particular event, allow your mind to have the thought and gently bring your attention back to your chosen focus. In this way, you are training your mind to focus on relaxation when you are deliberately trying to do so.


The perfect release for those of us who feel connected to water. Grab your bath salts, your calming crystal — Rose Quartz, Howlite or Black Tourmaline to name a few — and anything else that makes your cleansing magical. Sprinkle bath salts into your bath water or around the edge of your shower and take a moment to breathe in the scent. Allow the water to pull you away from your thoughts and focus on feeling it relax your body. You deserve a moment of peace, so really let it feel good.


Let it all out in your journal by free writing. This means you are allowing whatever thoughts come to mind to be written on paper, giving yourself freedom of expression and allowing your brain to process in its own way. Read it afterward for insight or let it go and move on to meditate, bathe or practice yoga.


ways to recharge


So simple and oh so good, we’re giving you permission to take it back to Pre-K and get in a good nap. Not only does it give your body space to rest and allow your brain to reset, some of us need a nap to really flush out our third eye. Release any overwhelming emotions as best you can, then allow yourself to drift off into the dream dimension for 45 minutes to an hour and write down the visions you experience. Sometimes a nap is the best way to process and wake up with fresh, positive energy and perspective.


A form of journaling, scripting is the practice of writing a desirable outcome as if it is already yours. Use scripting to give yourself a boost of optimism as you detail the best case scenario of any situation in your life. Notice any discomfort you feel as you script about your dreams coming true. This is where you can begin to focus your spiritual work on believing you are deserving of the peace, joy and success within your scripting journal.

yoga or exercise

This one fits into both categories, making it the perfect ritual for those days you really need to return to yourself. Stretching and moving your body while syncing each movement with your breath releases stress and promotes the flow of energy through your energetic pathways. After a good yoga sesh, you’ll feel lighter, more open and breathe easier.

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