Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told

The following was written by a Pretty Spirits client after her first experience having a psychic reading with Christine, our CoFounder, CEO and one of our Psychic Advisors.

Hi guys, I'm Helene Clabecq, a Blogger & investigative Journalist.

When I first heard about Truth Intuitions, I thought it would be fun to give it a shot. I never had a distant reading before and had no idea what to expect...

I suppose that like many people entering the spiritual realm, you end up at some point having this breakthrough, that feels more or less like "Oh my God, this shit is real?!!".

Well, I've felt that multiple times over the past year as I was digging deeper into the spiritual layers that my encounters were exposing me to, and I definitely got it during the reading, as I was nodding, smiling and laughing constantly at the accuracy of Christine's words.

First of all, she has a cool story. The kind of stories I like to capture.

She was having the so-called "dream job and life" in New York city when she got her silver lining. As she was trying to figure out her true essence and path, she looked for answers in tarot reading and eventually became a Psychic Advisor herself.

Now, onto my reading, cheeky you!

We pulled the cards and personal, very relevant to my own journey as it was, I've extracted some life pieces of advice that you can also implement for yourself:

  • Be honest with yourself: are you really aligned right now? Or are you lying to yourself and pretending to be living the life of your dream, when you're actually scared to take the steps to?

  • Work on your self-confidence to maintain your frequency. Wether you want it or not, people pick up on it. So if you're feeding from lack, they'll feel it and you'll lose what you attracted in the first place.

  • Be persistent and grateful in face of adversity. How does it make you stronger? How is it opening new doors for you? 

  • Put your pride aside. Wether you're an artist, an entrepreneur or neither or, don't wait for things to be perfect to take action. Fear has this funny tendency to keep us from going after our dreams. but would you rather start now and grow or hold on and regret?

  • When you meet someone, think: do they deserve me? My time? Are they lifting me up? Life is too short to waste your time and energy on the wrong matches.

Overall, the main takeaway from my reading was that I am powerful. We all are. I realized that I was afraid of my own power and holding back. 

It actually took me a couple weeks to let that information sink in and I continued practicing self-sabotage until I read Christine's words again with enough distance and honesty to finally accept the truth and listen. 

What's your experience with readings? We would love to know your thoughts!

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