Top Incense Holders For A Perfect Burn

Top Incense Holders For A Perfect Burn

Anyone who burns incense or other smoke cleansing tools, such a sage or palo santo, needs an incense holder. Whether for religious purposes, meditation, or simply to enjoy the pleasant aroma, you’ll need a place to burn and keep your incense during and in between use. These days, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs and aesthetic.

The many shapes and sizes of incense are a testament to its versatility. Coffin-style containers can be used to keep stick incense from being exposed to the elements. You get to make the call. Holders with grates allow the lighting of charcoal and resin incense, whereas holders designed to store coils do not. There are backflow incense cone holders, which emit smoke that falls. The cascading shapes of these unusual holders guide smoke into a calming waterfall-like show.

Incense holders can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, porcelain, and metal. The wood variety are less expensive, however they are not heat-resistant and can only be wiped with a cloth. Ceramic holders can be cleaned with a mild dish soap and hot water, which can be easily washed by hand. Brass holders are the ideal choice for resin incense, with the exception of ceramic, which can be filled with sand before using resin incense.

Finally, consider the appearance of the incense container itself. Ceramic figures, bright patterns, and minimalist designs can be found in a variety of styles. Incense holders can be placed next to scented candles and other small items to create a more cohesive look in your home.

For your convenience, we've compiled a list of the top incense holders available in our shop.

Gold Crescent Star Incense Holder

Handcrafted Glazed Incense Holder

For all your burning tools, try one of our sage holders available in matte, iridescent and metallic finishes. Our glass holders are the perfect vessel to hold under your burning sage or palo santo as you smoke cleanse your aura or your home.

Matte Pink Glass Sage Holder

Blush Aura Glass Sage Holder

Lustrous Gunmetal Glass Sage Holder

To see all of the colors we offer, simply search "sage holder" on our site. 

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