The Ultimate Guide to Using Crystals for the Home

The Ultimate Guide to Using Crystals for the Home

We were recently asked by Redfin to chime in on how to choose crystals for your home. We normally just share an excerpt of our feature, but this was too good to keep to ourselves. Read on to learn from us and other crystal experts on how to raise the vibration of every room in your home.

Originally published by Redfin.

Whether displayed as an accent piece or incorporated into a piece of home decor, crystals have gained popularity over the years for their unique shapes and colors to elevate a home’s interior. But there’s more to crystals than their beauty. Crystals have been used for centuries for their powerful healing and cleansing properties to ground and set the intention of a space. 

Want to know how to display crystals in your home? We reached out to experts from Toronto, ON, to New York, NY, for their help on using crystals for the home. Keep reading for a room-by-room guide, learn more about different types of crystals, how they can be incorporated into your decor, and more.

Crystals for the garden

Amethyst, black tourmaline, hematite, citrine, quartz, and tiger’s eye

Use small crystal chips and sprinkle them on a garden path or gravel patio to incorporate their energy into the space. I recommend sprinkling amethyst for a front walk so that everyone who enters your home will be open to connection. Create a grounding space where you can relax and ground your energy by sprinkling small pieces of black tourmaline and hematite on a patio. Make sure the crystals you choose can handle both sunshine and rain (some crystals are photosensitive, and others are water-soluble.) -Crystal Emelie

I use chrysocolla in my garden to help balance the water in the soil, black obsidian to help keep pests away, and stones like amethyst and citrine for protection and abundance. However, these stones should not be in direct sunlight, so those are kept hidden or tucked away in some potted plants. -Emily Grace Acupuncture

Quartz crystals can contribute to a garden's wellness by offering calm and serenity, especially if placed where meditating or in water features where the sun can create amazing rainbows. The crystals won’t need cleansing as rain or sun will take care of that. -Crystal Healing London

I recommend adding Tiger's Eye to amplify the grounding energy of the roots growing throughout your garden. Tiger's Eye can help your plants maintain a healthy vibration as they absorb nutrients and thrive as a stone of spiritual protection. -Pretty Spirits

Crystals for the entryway or by the front door

Selenite, agate, black tourmaline, lapis lazuli, blue goldstone, quartz, and amethyst

The one crystal I can't have enough of is selenite. Having selenite in your entryway helps raise the vibration of your house - bringing in lively energy and dispelling negativity. Hang a selenite stick above your entryway door and experience the amazing qualities this crystal has to offer. -Elemental Mystique

Agate, an earth element, brings a sense of stability, security, and harmony when placed in an entryway. It fills up the space with positive energy, creating an environment that's soothing, relaxing, and revitalizing each time you come home. It also improves concentration, enables quick-thinking, and promotes analytical abilities. -GemMartUSA

We believe the best crystal for any entryway would be black tourmaline. It's a protective stone believed to repress negative vibes, block EMF, and help people keep their energy to themselves. Its unique natural design will also spruce up a space and add the right finishing touch. -Healing Intentions Natural

To activate positive feng shui in the entry area of your home, I recommend adding crystals and stones in the entry area, either as free-standing or decorative vases. I use lapis lazuli, blue goldstone, and quartz crystals in beautiful vases. Keep the crystals by submerging them in water and putting them out in the moonlight to recharge monthly to keep their energy fresh and strong. -Laura Michelle Powers: Celebrity Psychic and host of Healing Powers Podcast

I always choose to put black tourmaline, selenite, and amethyst by the entryway of my home. Selenite cleanses the energy coming into my space, black tourmaline sucks any bad juju away, and amethyst encourages a sense of serenity to those entering my space. -Copper Bug Jewelry

Crystals for the living room

Amethyst, rose quartz, selenite, amazonite, and sodalite

The best crystals for the living room are amethyst to keep the space tranquil and soothing, rose quartz to fill the space with love and compassion, and selenite (not waterproof) to keep the space peaceful and purified. It's important to clear and cleanse your crystals because they take in the room's energy. You can cleanse your crystals by doing any of the following:

  • Placing them out in the sun
  • Smudging them with sage/Palo Santo
  • Using sound bowls
  • Running them under water every week

However, ensure that the crystal is waterproof to avoid damaging it before using water. -Healing with Tania

Since the focus of the living room is a gathering space for entertainment, communication, and relaxation, amazonite is a perfect choice to enhance the energy of this room. Amazonite helps with effective communication, brings a sense of calm to any space, and provides EMF protection from the TV, laptops, and cell phones. If amazonite is not available, crystals with similar properties include lapis lazuli, pyrite, and blue lace agate. -Bashique Healing Arts

The living is a common place where family, friends, and guests gather, so I recommend placing crystals in the center of the room. Sodalite for communication and calmness. Amethyst for connection to your intuition or "gut feeling." Rose quartz for unconditional love and emotional support. -Total Healing & Wellness

Crystals for the Bedroom Pretty Spirits Blog

Crystals for the bedroom

Rose quartz, tourmaline, selenite, and rhodochrosite 

Love-enhancing crystals like rose quartz should be placed on the back right side of the home, which you can locate when facing in from the front door to improve relationships. You can also put them in the back right corner of your bedroom, which is your relationship corner. -Energy Artist Julia

Creating a tourmaline and selenite grid is an awesome way to protect your bedroom or office from unwanted energy. Simply place one piece of tourmaline and selenite, bundled together, in each corner of your room. This grid will create a crystal barrier that aids in keeping out negative and harmful energy. -Wild Heart Stones

The energy of the exquisite rhodochrosite-infused crystal alchemy singing bowl is a "sound" choice for the bedroom. This crystal singing bowl emits energy that envelops us in a gentle container of unconditional self-love, allowing the cares of our time to melt away long enough to ease into a good night's sleep. As a stunning piece of sonic art, this crystal alchemy bowl can be placed in view to be appreciated visually. As an inter-dimensional sonic healing tool, it can be played just before bed to shift our brain waves into slower states, allowing for a deeper night's rest and for emotional and physical healing to take place as sleep. -SoulOSoaring

Crystals for the Office Pretty Spirits Blog

Crystals for a home office or study area

Angelite, moonstone, black tourmaline, pyrite, shungite, lapiz lazuli, and citrine

Crystal healing is an intentional practice, meaning benefits are most readily accessible when you set your intentions and your mind is open to receiving. Researching the crystals best suited to your specific intentions will help you choose the right crystals to connect to, clear and align the various energies around you for your highest good - be it relaxing your mind before bed (moonstone or angelite) or being productive and focused at work or school (black tourmaline or pyrite). The electromagnetic charge within each specific type of stone offers unique healing energetic vibrations that work to remove blockages in and around the body, home, or office and restore our natural flow of energy. -Kansas City Wellness Club

One of the best crystals for protecting your home against negative energy, such as the frequencies emanated from electronics, is shungite. This black stone is proven to counteract the energetic effects of computers and smartphones. Place a piece of shungite on your home office, study area, or near electrical outlets when charging your devices to clear that space from electromagnetic debris. -The Sanctuary For Mind, Body & Spirit

Lapis lazuli is great to have close at hand when I need to get focused in the office. This stone inspires clarity, encourages creativity, and supports the Third Eye; it's a stunning deep blue stone. There are lots of beautiful lapis lazuli pieces out there that would look great in your office - bowls, statement pieces, worry stones, and more. When I'm getting to business in the office, working on my finances, and improving my bottom line, I like to have citrine near. Just like an amethyst cluster, you can get a beautiful citrine piece from the size of a golf ball to a tower as tall as a houseplant. Citrine is associated with financial opportunities and abundance. -Chakra Rox

Crystals for the Kitchen Pretty Spirits Blog

Crystals for the kitchen

Quartz, citrine, orange calcite, green aventurine, carnelian, and smoky quartz

Quartz, citrine, orange calcite, green aventurine, and carnelian are some wonderful crystals for a boost of positive energy for your kitchen. Keep a citrine or quartz generator tower in the middle of your kitchen to promote a stable, yet uplifting vibe. Carnelian is known to enhance passion and vitality, palm stones or spheres are great for emitting this fiery energy. Green aventurine is a stone promoting wellness and healing with its earth hues. Orange calcite will bring a strong boost of energy to your space.

When choosing a crystal for the home, one should choose a piece that embodies the spirit of the space you are bringing her into. For the kitchen, smoky quartz allows the people in her presence to let go of the burdens or the troubles of the day - to be lightened, free, and at peace, all in perfect alignment with the energy of a kitchen. Smoky quartz in the kitchen allows people to feel their best, regardless of the day ahead or behind. -Heather Wells Designer & Creator of LOVEthirteen

Originally published by Redfin

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