The Best Crystals for Setting Boundaries and Protecting Your Energy

The Best Crystals for Setting Boundaries and Protecting Your Energy

Setting boundaries to protect your energy is not always an easy journey. It requires the strength to say no and the self-awareness to understand what boundaries you need to set. A healthy, daily practice of mindfulness and meditation can help you slow down mentally. As you become more aware of each moment you experience throughout the day, you will come to know your own triggers so you can begin protecting yourself. 

Maybe you get anxiety after spending too long in crowds, or a specific personality trait of your boss really gets under your skin. Whatever it is, there are ways to spiritually protect your energy so that processing and setting these boundaries isn’t so draining. Carrying crystals with you, keeping them at your desk, or meditating with them regularly can sometimes help you sustain your energy levels in otherwise overwhelming environments. Let’s take a look at some crystals you can consider adding to your collection. 

Black Tourmaline

This stone acts as a protection cloak against psychic attacks and energy vampires. As you work with black tourmaline, you may find your trust increasing, as you see how easy it is to avoid people and energies that do not match your vibration. You will become more keenly aware of who to stay away from, setting those boundaries that keep you protection. 

Black tourmaline also absorbs negative energy, just like clay draws impurities from the skin and body. Meditating with or frequently carrying black tourmaline can protect you from allowing anxious thoughts to get the better of you. Use this stone to stay grounded, calm and collected. As you learn to transition your triggering thoughts into optimism, you will find greater ease with the use of black tourmaline. 


Psychic protection is incredibly important as you develop your intuitive gifts. Amethyst can help clarify your vivid or prophetic dreams, giving you more control over keeping nightmares at bay. Meditate with amethyst right before bed to draw overwhelming thoughts from your crown chakra. As you drift off to sleep with a clear mind, focus your thoughts on positive affirmations or visualizations of your desired manifestations. 

Working with amethyst consistently can also help you strengthen your ability to process and cleanse negative thoughts and emotions as they arise. With greater awareness of the triggers that cause imbalance, you can greet them armed with the right energy to release. 


This incredibly powerful stone is high-vibrational and ultra cleansing. Selenite brings harmony into your home by repelling negative energies, keeping your space cleansed. Keep selenite by your door and in each room to feel the lightness it helps to create throughout your dwelling. 

Selenite has equally powerful effects on the spiritual body, releasing negative energy from your chakra system. While meditating with selenite, your body will relax to allow old energy to exit. Hold your selenite piece to your third eye to feel the physical sensation of it activating. Take note of any colors, symbols or signs you see during this process as your intuition begins to express. Selenite also provides psychic protection for your third eye, keeping negative energy away to allow it to function with the optimum truth and clarity.


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