The Benefits of Orgone Energy for Spiritual Health & Wellness

The Benefits of Orgone Energy for Spiritual Health & Wellness

Orgone energy, also referred to by the ancients as Chi or Prana, is the energy that flows through and around every living thing on our planet. Inanimate objects can pick up on this energy as well, which is how some people are able to hold an object and connect with its story or owner. Orgone energy can be harnessed by anyone for intentional spiritual and physical healing. 


The term Orgone was first used by Austrian scientist Wilhelm Reich. Through his experiments, he discovered that traumatic events block the flow of life-energy to and through the body, causing mental and physical dis-ease and illness. In 1940, Reich constructed what he called an Orgone Accumulator—a 6 sided box that contained organic material to attract the Orgone energy and metals to direct the energy towards the box center. Patients would sit inside the box and receive an Orgone energy healing treatment. By 1954, he was shut down by the government for false claims and selling his Orgone accumulators across state lines. Upon his death in 1957, Reich ordered that his work be sealed for 50 years to wait for the world to catch up. Today, we have orgonite as an accessible way to benefit from direct Orgone energy. 


Orgonite is a mix of quartz crystal and other semi-precious gemstones, metals and resin that are combined to harness and direct Orgone energy. You will see them frequently in the form of pyramids with various crystals added. The pyramid shape serves as an amplifier of the healing benefits these devices provide. You can also find Orgone energy in pendulums created with the same intentions and effect. 

Once you get your hands on an orgonite piece, you’ll begin to understand the vast spiritual wellness and health benefits of working with Orgone.


The benefits of learning to work with Orgone energy intentionally in your spiritual practice are:

  • Helps balance stress by emitting high vibrational frequency 
  • Provides energy cleansing to your space
  • Known to improve your immunity and balance your energy levels
  • Helps you heal insomnia, improve sleep, enhance dreams
  • Deeper meditations and more vivid visualization
  • Amplifies your spiritual growth 
  • Helps program water, food, plants and other crystals
  • Helps restore balance to your body and spirit


Many ancient cultures have their own rituals and ceremonies to harness and work with life-force energy. It is respected as a force we all need to remain physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally balanced. If you are ready to begin working with Orgone energy, start by finding a pyramid, pendulum or stones that resonate with your ritual intentions. You can use your intuition to choose what you are called to. 

Take a moment to meditate with your Orgone device. During this meditation, you are connecting with the energy and setting intentions for the healing it will bring to you or your space. A pyramid is perfect if you are looking to raise the vibration of specific rooms within your home. Place it in your bedroom for better sleep or enhanced dreams. Or, add it to your entryway decor to raise the vibration of anyone who enters. If you find comfort in your morning and night hygienic routines, your bathroom might be a great place. Keep it in your kitchen to program your food and water with positive Orgone energy. 

If you are looking to bring balance to your body, a pendulum is a great choice. Hold the pendulum over specific areas, spinning counterclockwise to remove negative energy and clockwise to infuse positive energy. 

There are so many ways you can attract and direct this powerful life force energy to benefit you and your space. 

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