Staying Balanced Post-Pandemic

Staying Balanced Post-Pandemic

It is so exciting to see the world opening up again. Here at Pretty Spirits Headquarters, we've been focusing on the rituals we need to keep our energy balanced, protected and high vibe. Let's see how we can mindfully transition back into open spaces.

create a morning ritual

#1. A solid morning routine

Before giving in to the temptation of social activity or call of duty — your job — it's in your highest good to take control of your energy with a peaceful, high vibe morning routine. Affirmations while you wash your face to align you with confidence or calming energy. A mindful and soothing shower as you visualize a luxurious oasis. A healthy and quiet breakfast while you tune into each bite. These are all ways you can put yourself first before inviting others into your day.


set boundaries to keep your energy protected

#2. Setting boundaries

You don't have to accept every single social invitation just because it's been so long since you've seen everyone. There's no shame in how much you have enjoyed your alone time, so take a moment and consider what you want versus what others want from you. Trust that you'll still be loved as you set new boundaries — and a bonus is you'll probably inspire others to do the same.


grounding stone red jasper

#3. Grounding with crystals

If you're sensitive to crystal energy, keeping a few grounding stones with you as you meditate, placed around your home, or in your pocket as you get out into the world can really help you stay balanced. Try out Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Shungite and Red Jasper to help you stay centered, calm and connected to your body.


create a cleansing bath ritual

#4. Cleansing bath time

Water signs especially can appreciate a soothing bath ritual to release tension from the body. Set it up right: pour in some sea salt or your favorite bath salts; add drops of essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus; light some candles (fire safety first, of course!); play some gentle music or affirmations; get fancy and add a bath pillow for comfort. As you melt into the warm water, focus on relaxing your muscles from head to toe, connecting to your body and feeling the tingling sensation of energy releasing through your hands and feet.


pretty spirits sage bundles

#5. Third Eye sage clearing

Sage is the ultimate cleansing tool, so it is always to be used with the clearest intentions. After a day out shopping or visiting with friends, grab your sage stick and a burn proof catch-all for a quick energy clearing. First, take a deep breath and focus your attention on your third-eye — that spot right between your brows. Make sure you have your windows open to allow smoke and energy to escape. Light your sage and put out the flame, then sweep the sage smoke slowly around your body as you say aloud "I release all energy that is not my own and invite my power back to me." Allow the sage to stop smoking safely as you take a moment to return to yourself.

Sending you all the love and support you need to continue to honor your space.

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