Signs That You're On The Right Track To Finding Your True Spiritual Purpose

Signs That You're On The Right Track To Finding Your True Spiritual Purpose

We all have our own life path to follow, but determining which path to take can be a difficult challenge. Finding your life purpose and aligning with your truth is a major part of the journey to self awareness and higher consciousness. Fortunately, the universe has been designed to assist you in your endeavors. There are so many ways the universe lets you know you are on the right path, you just have to notice and interpret the signs.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common spiritual signs to get you started. As you read, you may realize that you have already received several of these signs. Afterward, you may begin to notice even more! Our hope is that you will feel at ease and more supported once you realize there are subtle answers to your prayers that you can tune into every day.

You're Creating Positive Relationships with Other People

You are the company you keep. Sometimes, we manifest people who are not at all aligned with our truth. Those who abuse our kindness or make us feel lower vibrations may be a lesson to awaken us. From them, we can learn to stand up for ourselves, set better boundaries and protect our peace. If you notice you are surrounded by individuals who are draining you, that is a strong sign that you are walking the wrong path. A better path awaits you on the other side of letting those people go. 

Once you begin attracting like minded companions that fill you with joy, appreciation and love, you’ll know you are on the right track. The universe is never out to bring us down or make us suffer. Once you take control of who has access to your energy, you’ll notice a major shift in how you experience the world. People who genuinely care about your success are frequently the ones who assist you in moving onward and upward in all areas of life.

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The Size of Your Ego Decreases

Your ego is your perception of who you are. It is the conscious part of you that decides how to react to life and control your experience. Your ego is driven by a desire to put your needs first, win at all costs, gain power and constantly improve. In its most imbalanced form, your ego is unconcerned about the needs of others and has a proclivity to turn a deafening blind eye to the plight of those who are less fortunate. One of the most damaging effects of a huge ego is the inability to be open to the perspective of others.

As you practice leading with your intuition and love, your openness to experiencing life with others begins to grow. This helps your spiritual growth tremendously, as we can all learn so much more about life through the lessons of those around us. Inner serenity, purpose, and joy begin to take precedence over external accomplishment, achievement, and the status of being the best. Your pursuit of wealth and power will come from a more humble, compassionate and loving place once your ego is in check. When you learn to make decisions based on what will bring you joy and add value to the lives of others and yourself, all forms of success your ego glorifies will naturally align with you.

There Is a Sense of Calm About You

Stress and anxiety are common emotions experienced by those who are living outside of their truth. As you begin to express your needs and make decisions in alignment with your natural desires and talents, peace of mind is a welcome result. Following your purpose is bound to have its own difficulties; however, living life the way you want will bring a greater sense of joy overall, helping you deal with stress from a balanced place.

If your life feels chaotic and riddled with disruptive energy, you can begin taking control with simple decisions every day. Delegate tasks that bring you frustration, surround yourself with people you trust, end conversations that take you away from inner peace. Most importantly, cleanse your energy and ground yourself regularly to reset and find calm. Through a consistent practice of meditation and cleansing your aura, you will train your mind and body to relax in response to stress or anxiety. A change of direction may be what you need to better manage stressors. Trust us, once you experience true peace, you’ll be more motivated to find ways to maintain it. 

A Psychic Verifies That It is True

What we are sharing here will give you an indication of whether or not you're headed in the right direction. Connecting with a psychic advisor can help you gain more clarity and insight. To a lot of people, the word psychic is synonymous with fortune teller, but that is far from the truth. Psychic advisors are able to tap into and interpret the universal energy that connects us all. Think of it like tapping into a radio frequency that connects to each of us. 

When you speak with an honest and genuine psychic, they are able to tell you how your energy either aligns or does not align with your truth. They can also pinpoint what shifts need to occur in your life to help you get back on track, or confirm that you are headed in the right direction towards your manifestations. 

Try out a 30 minute reading and to ask about how to align with new love, what career moves are in your highest good, or what you need to know in general about your journey so far.

You Have a Lower Regard for Material Possessions

Here at Pretty Spirits, we love nice things. We appreciate a beautifully curated space, a luxurious experience and the finer things in life. It’s just who we are, and we’re not ashamed of it. However, we desire nice things and experiences from a balanced place. We are not only concerned with obtaining luxury — we lead with the desire to express and share value with all of you and trust that our lives will elevate along the way. If you find yourself obsessed with having the best, so much that it is causing you stress, balance is needed ASAP. 

All too often, having a lot of money serves as a justification for taking the wrong path in life. You’ll take a job just for the money, finding yourself in a situation that is detrimental to your overall health and wellness. No amount of abuse from a person or corporation is worth all the Chanel in the world. It is not how much money you have, but how happy you are that determines your level of success.

Knowing you are on the right path is one of many ways to keep your vibration high. At that high vibration, you will align with the experiences and possessions you desire. If you have been working so hard that you are compromising your mental or physical health in order to achieve a certain status in life, stop. Begin by healing the belief in that being the only way to reach success. Hard work is necessary, but not at the expense of your happiness. 

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If you are looking for more clarity on your life purpose, try out our My Purpose Edition oracle deck. With 100 life purpose related messages spiritually received by Christine and personally hand-lettered by Lauren, this direct and easy to interpret deck will illuminate your next steps. Discover the ideal job path, passion project, or soul calling by simply asking the question, shuffling and pulling as many cards as you intuitively feel. As you draw a card, pay attention to your mind and body for intuitive answers. Oracle cards can help you shift your perspective as you enter new stages of life or a higher state of consciousness. Use the My Purpose Edition to pull a card of the day focusing on how to move towards your goals. Or check in every week to see how you are aligning with your desired path.

We know you’re used to reading about angel numbers and synchronicities as the signs you are on the right path. Hopefully we have helped you understand that being aware of the changes within are important as well.

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