Setting Intentions for the New Year

Setting Intentions for the New Year

2022 is going to be a powerful year for us all. The intentions you set will manifest, even if you’re unaware of what they are. Keep reading if you want to make the most of this week’s energy by letting go of the old to make space for the best you yet.

Good on you for scrolling, you must be ready for some truth. Let’s start with how often you call out your undesirable traits, responses and beliefs. Are you catching yourself, or letting your loved ones call you out?

Don’t get me wrong, we cannot always see our shadow self. That’s the beauty of having real friends who aren’t afraid to let you know you crossed a line or aren’t living true to you. If you’re honest with yourself, you can sometimes feel when things are off. Maybe a choice you’re making doesn’t quite feel like it’s in your best interest. Or, you’re compromising a little too much expressing a watered down version of what you truly feel. 

My spiritual journey truly began after I realized I was in the same cycle of dating liars, working for jobs with an income cap and being told I was a below average friend. I was ready to do better, accept better, choose better. Guess what?! So are you. Whatever your current story is, there’s a version of it that makes you feel a bit more free and real. How do you get there? With intention.

Reflect on how it feels when a friend, colleague or partner admits you have hurt or disappointed them. Do you respond with defensiveness, shut down completely, or wish you had caught it yourself? Self awareness is how you skip that whole painful moment and take ownership of your own behavior. Get ahead of the curve by noticing your own faults, bad habits and areas of growth. Take action by journaling or making a list of everything holding you back from presenting your best self to the world. Procrastination, gossiping, avoiding vulnerability, losing focus easily, comparing yourself to others, holding grudges — these are just a few ways you can stifle your growth and prosperity.

The Dark Edition is the perfect deck for getting to the point of what needs to be healed within.

Once you know the ways you want to change, affirm that you have everything you need to do so. Because you do! The power is in you to pivot, and calling out these old ways is the first step to doing so. During your New Year’s manifestation ritual this week, script about the version of you that exists without these obstacles. What is a day in the life of the new you like? Do you reach out to your most valued friends more? Maybe you have a structured morning routine that makes you feel abundant self love. Be specific and trust that you deserve whatever glorious vision comes to mind.


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