Releasing Spiritual Blockages

Releasing Spiritual Blockages

When you’ve been working towards your goals but attracting the same undesirable results, you may have some spiritual blockages to remove. Maybe you’re attracting the same types of partners or job offers. Perhaps your business is stuck at the same level of revenue or declining.

Diagnosing a spiritual blockage can be tricky since some delays are a simple issue of perfect timing. It could also be a matter of redirection — one path being blocked to inspire you to see another. When you come to realize you're spiritually stuck, there are a few ways you can begin to clear the path ahead.

What are some ways to release blockages?

Reiki energy helps bring spiritual blocks to your awareness so you can begin doing the work to heal and release. To really understand the truth of any delayed manifestation, combine a reiki session with a psychic reading. After illuminating the emotional and energetic blockages, you'll feel more in control of your journey.

Make a list of beliefs associated with your manifestation. If you’re looking for love, do you believe it is rare and hard to find? Do you believe in the ancient proverb “mo' money, mo' problems”? Write a positive affirmation that is the opposite of any blocking beliefs. Love is everywhere, all around me, all the time. Mo' money, mo' fun.

Clear your mind and try to visualize you receiving what it is you’re asking for. How do you respond? Does the story quickly go left and leave you sad or frustrated? Can you easily imagine a happy ending? Keep working at it, visualizing your desire and the ease receiving of it. If you keep finding yourself sabotaging your visualization by accident, try scripting instead. This can help to clarify your vision, making it easier to see in your mind's eye.

Scripting is a great exercise, especially if you’re not quite ready to visualize. Get out your best pen and a fresh notebook — this notebook should only be for scripting. You’re going to write about your life without this spiritual block. What is a day in your life like with money flowing to you easily? How would you and your new love spend a day off or your first vacation? What does your entrepreneur life entail?

Staying in tune with your intuition is the most essential skill for knowing when your manifestation is working. This starts with daily meditation and grounding to keep your pathways clear and keep you alert to the signs around you. Each time you follow your intuition successfully, and you acknowledge that success, you are strengthening your connection.

Spiritual blockages can be frustrating for sure. When you catch yourself spiraling and cursing the Universe, remember that change begins within. Relax your energy first and try a few of the options above to realign with the results you seek.

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