Recognizing and Healing Old Patterns

Recognizing and Healing Old Patterns

At the end of this blog post are instructions for a pattern releasing ritual. Perform your ritual to release habits realized just before a Full Moon or to invite fresh energy in with a New Moon.

Everyone’s journey is different. One thing that brings us together is the shared experience of wishing we could stop manifesting the same undesired circumstances. For me, it was my choice of romantic partners and the way those relationships ended. That self awareness led me to spirituality. I had enough and started to look inward to ask myself “why do I keep attracting and accepting this mess?” It was a pattern. I was stuck in a cycle. I was ready to heal and attract balanced love. 

For you, it could be a habit, like smoking or procrastination; an outcome, like getting fired or ending friendships; or a personality, like abusive partners or neurotic bosses. Cycles show up in both major and minor ways in our lives. Are you always late? Does your daily routine lack inspiration? Whatever it is, deep down you know it's a problem. Maybe you have convinced yourself that people can't change. Wrong. Most people just have not yet discovered the self-awareness or developed the discipline needed to create lasting change.

Here are five steps to recognizing and healing undesired patterns so you can step into your best self:

1. Identify
When you’re asking for help from the universe or those around you, it makes sense to be specific, right? What repeated action or outcome would you like to change and why? Knowing what this change will do for you will keep you motivated along your journey figuring it out. Take some time to clear your mind, then meditate or journal about it. Ask the questions aloud and allow the answers to come to you. It may not happen right away, so give yourself the space to explore your feelings over a few days or weeks. Self-awareness is a process that cannot be forced.

2. Dig
Once you have a cycle identified, it’s good to figure out how you got there. Sometimes it is immediately obvious — we pick up a lot of our habits, triggers and cycles from our family unit.  We can also attract circumstances that relate to unhealed trauma. Perhaps your bosses remind you of a childhood bully or sibling who blamed you for everything. Maybe your exes remind you of a parent. Maybe you never learned healthy eating or exercise habits.

3. Understand
When a traumatic event is unhealed, it stays in the body and mind and forms our beliefs about the world. Years later, you find yourself expecting someone to be distrustful or shying away from being touched. A lot of us carry around subconscious assumptions or reactions based on our experiences, leaving no room for surprise and positive results. Understanding where these come from can help you first stop blaming yourself. You can finally begin to do the conscious work of healing from your past and changing who you are. 

4. Visualize
With the awareness of what is and how it came to be, you can create a growth plan. Visualize yourself healed — who is around, what life is like, how you feel as your best self. With a blueprint, you can begin to carve the road there. You’ll begin to recognize the problematic behavior when it occurs because it doesn’t align with your visualization. As you catch yourself, make a mental note. Ah, I’m doing that thing that doesn’t align with the new me!

5. Practice
Identify ways to pivot in the moment. It’s okay if you miss it, you can figure out what your reaction will be the next time around. Role-play healthier responses to your triggers. Practice saying no when offered to smoke or ending a conversation. Remember that you cannot control someone else’s behavior or reaction, but you can decide your own. You can also use affirmations to retrain your subconscious by creating three key affirmations to turn to when you recognize your trigger.


The purpose of this ritual is to release patterns that no longer serve you and invite those that do.

  1. Write out what you intend to attract — a healthier lifestyle, a stronger voice, alignment with your divine purpose, or better relationships. Maybe all of the above!
  2. Choose a candle to light once you are ready to send your intentions out to be fulfilled.
  3. Create a few affirmations to say aloud each time you light your candle to invite the desired energy and build momentum towards your manifestation.

Pay close attention to how your thoughts and behaviors transform after your initial ritual. You may see a drastic transformation or you may simply come into more self awareness of imbalances and deeper self work to be done. If you are still feeling stuck and need additional guidance, book a psychic reading or distance reiki session with us.

The universe is always giving us chances to break cycles. It’s up to us to take them.

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The subject line about repeating old patterns stood out to me in this post. I clicked immediately and this is exactly what I needed. I pulled the Wheel kf Fortune reversed tarot card yesterday, and I’ve been looking for guidance. Thank you for sharing this as it’s exactly the advice that I needed to hear. Thank you for posting this ritual! Much love!


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