Prayer For Saging House

Prayer For Saging House

Sage has been used for centuries to cleanse unwanted energies, heal the sick and call in benevolent spirits. By burning a sage bundle or leave and allow the smoke to waft over your body or a defined area can provide deep cleansing that can be felt by those sensitive to energy shifts. Using sage smoke on your own aura can provide grounding and release tension you may have picked up throughout your day. There are many reasons to sage your home to release negative energy. 

If you are just moving in, you may want to cleanse your home of any energies left over from the previous owner. If you are the first owner, you may still find it helpful to clear the home of any confusion, frustration or anxiety left by the contractors or realtors involved in its development. If you are redecorating or renovating, cleansing with sage will release any old energies held by the objects you no longer work.Think about it — you were a different person when you used that old couch or chose that old wallpaper. A deep sage cleansing before and after you paint a room can do wonders for the vibration of the space.

In this piece, we are exploring a few different prayers you can use as you cleanse your home. Feel free to use the prayers below as a guide and add whatever you need to make it personal. 

How to Sage Cleanse a Home

Before you start, you will need the following: 

  • 1 sage bundle or leaf
  • A fire proof catchall for embers, such as a cast iron plate or glass bowl
  • Lighter
  • Windows open

Starting at the entrance, take a few deep breaths to ground your energy and prepare for cleansing. Light your sage, blowing it out after a few seconds or allowing the flame to release on its own. As the smoke begins to rise, move through the home pushing the smoke into each and every corner. Pay special attention to smoke cleansing the four corners of each door frame, widow and mirror. When you have arrived back at the front entrance, you can leave the sage in your container until it has completed its burn. 

Below are a few mantras you can chant as you sage your home. Choose the one that connects with your experience and replace any words you see fit. 

“I release all energies not aligned with my health, wealth and happiness.” 
“I cleanse this space of confusion, frustration and anxiety. I invite clarity, peace and harmony.” 
“Only energies that align with love, peace and harmony shall exist in this home from this point forward.”
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