Most Powerful Prayer for Abundance and Prosperity

Most Powerful Prayer for Abundance and Prosperity

One of the most powerful ways to heal and strengthen your relationship with abundance and prosperity is to change your mindset. You can apply for the most high paying jobs and still find yourself wishing there was more. If you are connected to the infinite supply the Universe provides, your confidence in always having enough will lead you to just that. Here, we are sharing the most powerful prayers or mantras we have come across that have helped us heal our own money stories. 

Money comes to me easily
Money comes to me fast
Money loves my company
When money comes it lasts

This mantra is incredible and catchy, making it easy to stick to your mind and eventually make a home in your subconscious. Make an effort to repeat it to yourself every morning as soon as you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. Those are the times of the day when your subconscious is the most open and receptive to new programming. Read it aloud now and note how it makes you feel. Any feelings of disbelief or discomfort should be acknowledged, so you can have awareness of those thoughts and emotions fading each time you repeat this mantra to yourself.

Universe, show me how good this can get!

Sometimes, we feel we are doing everything right in our manifestations and don’t realize that we are still limiting ourselves. It's so easy to slip into trying to control the outcomes or get so specific in planning every detail of the journey there. What is really in our highest good most of the time, is to throw our hands up and allow the Universe to just show us how good our situation can get. You want one million dollars? That’s very specific and is an income cap. Stating your desire for ultimate financial freedom, to easily afford your dream home and live a particular lifestyle is more open ended. When you set those intentions, then declare “show me how good it can get”, you open yourself up to experience becoming a multimillionaire instead. If that sounds like too much, that’s fine. We’ll happily accept the extra millions you don’t need ;)

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