Improve Your Mood After Difficulties - Daily Affirmations for Resilience

Improve Your Mood After Difficulties - Daily Affirmations for Resilience

The affirmations in this video can help you focus on uplifting yourself and finding positives even if you have just experienced something negative. 

Affirmations for Resilience

I feel much better today. 

My mood improves over time. 

I am patient with my healing process. 

I let go of the pain and resentment. 

I am strong enough to handle the difficulties that arise. 

I am capable of overcoming challenges. 

The experiences that I face make me a better person.   

I bounced back from adversity.


I allow for things to work out for me. 

I know I have what it takes to push through. 

I see beyond what's happening now. 

I have an amazing group of wonderful supporters.   

I love how resilient I am. 

I am proud of how I have grown. 

I feel encouraged to keep going.   

I know I am on a spiritual journey.


I lean into what's happening instead of resisting. 

I allow for things to come into focus.   

I know that there's a deeper reason behind everything. 

All that has occurred has served me. 

I am wiser and stronger for it. 

I reflect on what has happened and forgive.   

I create space in my heart to love.


I do not hold on to grudges. 

I allow my anger to melt away. 

I am no longer attached to the outcome. 

I allow myself to feel free.   

I celebrate how far I have come. 

I flip my hardship into motivation. 

I allow the healing to begin.

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