Improve Your Health - Daily Affirmations for Healing

Improve Your Health - Daily Affirmations for Healing

These affirmations are meant for health and healing. They can help you deal with a major or minor illness or empower you on your self-care and wellness journey. Everyone deserves to play an active role in healing their body from any ailment. 


Affirmations to Improve Your Health

My body feels wonderful. 

I feel completely healed. 

I am upbeat and energized. 

I love what my body can do.   

I appreciate how physically strong I am. 

I love every square inch of my body.   

I feel amazing inside and out. 

I invite healing energy into my life.


I feel healthy and happy.   

I eat a wonderfully balanced diet.   

I take excellent care of myself. 

I remove myself from stressful environments. 

I give my body a break when needed.   

I love working out and stretching. 

I get great rest each night.


I do not push or overwork my body.   

I love the skin I am in.   

I feel so healthy. 

I am grateful that I feel this good.   

My body is impressive. 

I honor my body with massages.   

I prioritize self-care.


I keep myself clean and well groomed.   

I remove toxic people and things from my environment. 

I keep my mind positive and clear.   

I make sure to take deep and meaningful breaths. 

I relax as much as possible.


I enjoy feeling healthy.


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