Moon Phase Selenite Stick Pretty Spirits

How You Can Use Your Moon Sign to Create More Connection in Your Life

Moon Phase Selenite Stick Pretty Spirits

Our Sun sign shows who we are outwardly for all to see — the conscious decisions we make, the goals we set, our strongest personality traits. Under the surface, our Moon sign represents the often hidden truths of who we are. How we prefer to nurture and be nurtured, express our emotions and sensitivities is all connected to the divinely feminine Moon energy. Just as the Sun emerges to illuminate the day and shine a light on all we want others to see, the Moon reveals all that we wouldn’t want seen so easily. 

Pop culture has trained us to look to our Sun sign for all the answers, but knowing your Moon sign paints a fuller picture of the intricacies of you. Your Rising sign takes it one step further, but we’ll save that for another day. Here, you’ll find an intro to your moon sign. Feel free to be nosey and take a look for a friend, love interest or family member, too. It may explain some things…

Aries Moon

The moon in Aries is bursting with energy, is courageous, and is always on the hunt for opportunities to triumph over adversity. This excitement fuels their emotions with impulsiveness and a bravery that can sometimes leave a mess. They wear their heart on their sleeve but may keep their more difficult feelings under wraps. 

Taurus Moon

You’ll find the emotions of a Taurus Moon particularly grounding and calm. They are cautious with their own feelings and tend to help others process emotions practically. Taurus bull energy shows through their preference for comfort and routine that makes them feel secure.

Gemini Moon

You may find a Gemini Moon somewhere explaining their ever-changing emotional state. It can seem fickle at times, however it also allows them to swing past low moods and recover quickly. They tend to share this ability by uplifting others with a positive perspective. 

Cancer Moon

A Cancer Moon is very aware of their emotions and can be considered sensitive. They have a tendency to retreat within when trying to hide their true feelings from others. Once they feel safe with someone, they come out of their shell. Naturally nurturing and intuitive Cancer Moon is always ready to offer compassion to someone having a rough time.

Leo Moon

Leo Moon has a passionate expression of emotions of all kinds, aligning with what they are most known for — bringing on the drama. It can be hard to experience bursts of anger or sadness from a Leo Moon, but delightful to celebrate their happiness and joy. Good luck getting them to shut up about new love, they’ll be shouting it from the rooftops!

Virgo Moon

A Virgo Moon would simply suppress their emotions if they could get away with it. They tend to be grounded and relaxed outwardly during emotionally stressful times. This is only because they are doing their best to rationalize their feelings. Virgo Moon can struggle with the flow of emotions, as they cannot always be easily fixed, organized or predicted by pattern. They do care though, so if you go to them for advice expect to leave with a 12-step plan.

Libra Moon

Libra Moons are always seeking harmony and balance. This rings true on an emotional level, as well. They notice the emotional give and take in relationships and work to make sure there isn’t too much of one or the other. This can lead to suppressing their feelings or troubles to maintain balance and remain “likeable”. They’re down for a good heart-to-heart and may need to be nurtured a bit to truly express.

Scorpio Moon

While Scorpio is a water sign, those born in this Moon tend to keep their feelings hidden. Unless, of course, you cross them. You’ll know when you’re on Scorpio's bad side. Even though they may keep their emotions away from others, they aren’t shy about exploring them on their own. Check on your Scorpio Moons, they may need some fresh air and a creative outlet to take a break from their shadow work. 

Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius loves to learn from all life has to offer. A Sagittarius Moon loves to learn from their emotional experiences as they expand their awareness and understanding of themselves and others. They naturally go with the flow of emotions, rather than ruminating. They’re less afraid of heartbreak for the thrill of spontaneous new love (person, career, whatever!) trumps any potentially upsetting outcome. Sag Moons lead with an optimistic and open heart. 

Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon would rather their feelings not distract from their material goals in life. Instead, they deal with them in a very methodical way. Feelings are barely acknowledged and certainly not indulged. The emotions they feel and intuitive nudges they have will usually be suppressed until they learn to open up to people they trust and silence self-criticism. 

Aquarius Moon

Some Aquarius Moons can be a little emotionally aloof, but they mean well as a naturally thoughtful sign. They join the school of thought that feelings are a bit of a waste of energy. If you need a matter-of-fact opinion about your emotional stress, your Aquarius Moon can help! They just might have a harder time digging deep for an example of how they can relate.

Pisces Moon

In tune with their emotions and intuition, Pisces Moon is empathetic to the point of being psychically empathic. They can find comfort indulging in their emotions — think listening to sad love songs after a breakup. Pisces Moon prefers to express their emotions clearly and follow intuition over fact.

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