How To Use Rose Quartz To Attract Specific Person

How To Use Rose Quartz To Attract Specific Person

How to Use Rose Quartz to Attract Specific Person - Pretty Spirits

Benefits Of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most remarkable crystals ever discovered. It supports fostering harmonious relationships and deepening existing bonds of friendship and love. Rose quartz is also known as The Heart Crystal, as it can assist you in connecting with your Heart Chakra to find inner peace over time. Compassion and unconditional love are well-known to be associated with rose quartz. Romantic love is thought to be attracted by this stone, which is why it is called the most powerful love and partnership stone. Additionally, it has the ability to enhance all kinds of relationships, including the one we have with ourselves.

Rose quartz's healing properties are undeniable! It is used as spiritual protection for the heart, to help expand the energy of love in your life, and aide in the release of heartache. It can sometimes be hard to trust new relationships and let new people in. Rose quartz can help you find balance in opening up to new love and friendships. If you are struggling to find forgiveness, working with rose quartz may help you find the compassion needed to do so. For centuries, rose quartz has been used by spiritual healers to help others release heavy emotions they hold in their heart chakra.

Rose quartz is an excellent gem for enhancing passion and intimacy in your relationship. If you are looking to find romantic balance in your relationship, keep rose quartz nearby. Be open to the ways it can influence you and your partner to live and express authentically from the heart.

It's also possible to get a good night's sleep with the aid of a rose quartz crystal. This gorgeous, pink crystal can help to keep nightmares at bay, giving you a more restful sleep. 

About Rose Quartz Crystals Sphere

Rose quartz can be found in many different shapes and sizes for use in any ritual. A rose quartz sphere is perfect for meditation, as it can easily be held in the palm of your hands. Begin by taking three deep, cleansing breaths before grabbing your rose quartz sphere. While holding your crystal, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Bring to mind the feeling of love by focusing first on something or someone that evokes that feeling in you. As you feel the joy and appreciation arise in your heart, shift your focus to imagine receiving that same love. Direct that feeling towards yourself, knowing you deserve more of it in your life.

A rose quartz sphere is also great for raising the vibration of any room in your home. Place it in your entry way to help shift your energy as soon as you come into your home. Add it to your living room, to amplify the love of others who come to visit and enjoy your company. In your bedroom, romantic love can be supported and balanced by the presence of a rose quartz sphere. Lastly, to enhance self love, add rose quartz to your bathroom where you practice your daily self care routines.

How To Activate Rose Quartz For Love

There are many ways to use this powerful stone, such as wearing it as jewelry, carrying it with you, or placing it in your home. Once you find a piece that resonates with you, first you'll want it energetically cleansed. You can do this with sage smoke or moonlight. To activate and charge your stone, you can place it in sunlight for a couple of hours. While you wait, script about the power your rose quartz crystal will share with you. Be very specific about your intentions with the stone — are you attracting romantic love, enhancing self love, clearing your heart chakra or something else? Speak affirmations in alignment with your intentions once your crystal is finished sunbathing.

Now that it is activated, you can place your rose quartz crystal wherever you need it the most. Place it under your pillow for better sleep or keep it in your pocket or handbag to keep the energy close to your aura throughout the day. Simply holding the crystal as you focus on, mediate or journal about the person you want to attract can be enough. There is no right or wrong answer, so experiment and see what works best!

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