How To Tap Into Your Inner Power

How To Tap Into Your Inner Power

This month we're focusing on connecting you with your inner power. First, how do you tap into your limitless confidence? You deserve to know your own strength! Grab a cup of tea for this one and as always, take what resonates.

In no particular order, here are 5 ways to tap into your inner power.

1. Know Yourself

This goes deeper than vaguely answering “who are you?” Let me toss some other questions at you for a change. What do you love? What do you want out of life? What’s your style of expression? What’s your form of creativity? What do you need to feel successful? What triggers your anxiety? What makes you laugh or cry? It’s important to know what's beneath the surface so you can start supporting yourself and sharing who you truly are with others. Start with the questions above, answering one every week while journaling and meditating. Allow yourself more than just one session of self work per question to truly allow the answers to unfold in unexpected ways. And by all means, come up with your own questions.

2. Stop Being a Victim

Yes, bad or frustrating or unfair things happen to us. It’s a part of our human experience. We have things to heal from in order to really flourish with the time we have. So when you answer “what’s stopping you from being the best version of yourself?”, try to start with “I” statements. Think about what you can do to get over the hurdles. Be open to letting go of the past so you can write the rest of your story and live it from a healed place. This one may take some help from a therapist or trusted friend/partner that can help you pinpoint the best ways for you to begin taking back your power from others who knocked you down. And we fully support it!

3. Stand Up For Your Beliefs

What are your beliefs? If you’re not solid on these, you may come off as someone who is contradictory or doesn’t have a voice at all. Our confidence can build from consistently expressing our truth. Here’s another exercise for your journaling and meditation space — decide your desired core beliefs and values. What do you want your existence and expression to represent? Success, strength, wisdom, self-awareness, knowledge, balanced nutrition, physical wellness, having the most fun in life, I could go on. What is important to you? And that brings me to my next point… how will you share that?

4. Recognize & Share Your Value

This is a huge one that many are missing. You have to give value to receive it. It’s simply how law of attraction works. I have found that many people are uncomfortable considering themselves valuable. If that resonates with you, you have your unlearning assignment. Each and every one of us is capable of offering something useful to the world. The special bit is, our value is intrinsic: it is natural to who we are. If you know yourself, you'll know what you’ll have the easiest time offering. If it comes from the heart and is done from a balanced place, the appreciation will flow to you in abundance. Imagine how empowered you will feel having given your best to so many others.

5. Feed Yourself Well

Your mind, your body and your spirit deserve to be fed the best energy possible. This is the ultimate way to tap into your inner power — by feeding yourself well from the inside out. Be honest, how’s your diet? How often do you exercise and spend time moving your body? What’s in your library? When is the last time you intentionally learned a new skill or fed your mind motivating content? What are your self-love rituals? Take a more active role in your overall health and wellbeing and your confidence will be evidence of the internal impact.

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