How To Meditate With Carnelian

How To Meditate With Carnelian

Spiritual Meaning of Carnelian

Carnelian is an orange-red member of the chalcedony family. It can also be found in shades of brown, pink or almost black. It ranges from translucent to opaque and commonly used for its spiritual healing properties in crystal jewelry.

Carnelian has been used since ancient times to give warriors courage in battle and help people overcome intense personal fears. Egyptians called it the Sunset Stone based on the belief that carnelian captured the heat and energy of the sun. They believed the stone transferred sun energy to its wearer.

As a base, sacral and solar plexus chakra stone, carnelian aids in emotional and spiritual protection, growth and expansion. When you are stepping into new self awareness, carnelian can help you find balance and process those revelations. It will help give you the wisdom to understand how to wield your new awareness for the benefit of yourself and others. 

Carnelian is a courageous stone, helping you raise your self-esteem after an emotional setback. If you have recently been rejected in an area of your life and are blaming yourself, meditating with carnelian can help you become aware of the truth and how to rebuild your confidence. Don’t be surprised if after a few days or weeks of consistent spiritual work, including meditating with carnelian, you are ready to put yourself back out there. 

Carnelian can also help with grounding, but not in the traditional sense. This stone can help you shift realities, especially when you have done the work to build the momentum towards change. If you have been consistently working towards being a better version of yourself or leveling up your life in some way, carnelian can help you find grounding in that new space. Feelings of depression or anxiety often accompany great change. Wearing and working with carnelian can help you make peace with letting go of older versions of yourself. 

Meditation with Carnelian

If you are actively working to strengthen your self-esteem or manifest a level up in your life, meditating with carnelian daily is a beneficial ritual for you. You can also keep a small piece nearby or in your pocket during interviews, applications or tours of potential new homes.

If you are sitting for a 15-30 minute meditation, grab your carnelian and find a comfortable position. If your stone fits in the palm of your hand, you can hold onto it for the duration of your meditation. If it’s a larger piece, placing it close to you is just as effective. 

  1. Start with 3 deep, cleansing, powerful breaths to ground yourself in the present mindful practice of meditation. Take a deep 3-second inhale, hold for one second, then release an audible, 3-second exhale. 
  2. After your cleansing breaths, slow down your breathing by inhaling for 6 counts and exhaling for 8 counts. Connect with the feeling of air entering and exiting your belly, chest and throat with each breath. You can also choose to focus on the sound of your breath, or the thought of counting. 
  3. As you feel your body shift into relaxation, imagine a glowing red, orange or yellow light coming from your carnelian and surrounding your body. Move to the next step once you can hold this image steady.
  4. Bring to mind your desired outcome. This may be a feeling of confidence, a standing ovation after your public speaking event, or the acceptance of an application for your dream home. 
  5. As you imagine this outcome with as much detail as you possibly can, listen to your own voice repeating a positive and confident mantra. “I am worthy. I receive this positive outcome with ease and joy.” Whatever comes to mind is great as long as if feels in alignment with you experiencing the desired outcome.
  6. At the end of your meditation, you may choose to take another 3 deep, cleansing breaths before moving on to journaling about the experience. 
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