How to Meditate Before Manifesting

How to Meditate Before Manifesting


Meditation is the practice of calming the mind and body by focusing your attention inward. It has proven health benefits and can improve mental health, academic performance, clarity of thought and many more aspects of the human experience. When it comes to your manifestation efforts, meditating before any ritual will produce greater results than you could ever expect! Taking the time to release any tension, fear or confusion allows you to use your imagination with clarity and focus. So, how do we achieve this? 

A Manifestation Meditation Ritual

Set aside time with the specific intention to calm your mind and body. This will need to be done in a space with as few distractions and clutter as possible. If your external world triggers thoughts of what you need to do or fix, you will have a harder time relaxing. You may need to build up to this, working each day to create the best environment. That’s okay! It’s totally worth it once you finally have the space to freely find peace. 

With your designated space and time, you’re ready to meditate! But first, start with a few stretches and intentional deep, cleansing breaths. Gently loosen your neck, stretch your arms and legs. Raise your hands to the sky, taking a nice deep inhale. Then, slowly bend at the waist and exhale as you reach to your toes, keeping a slight bend in the knees. 

Now that your body is nice and loose, find a comfortable seated position. Keep your back as straight as possible. If you cannot find comfort sitting, lay down on your bed, a couch, a yoga mat or the floor. 

Start with a few deep, intentional breaths. As you breathe, pay attention only to the feeling of air entering and exiting your body. If you notice you are continually distracted by heavy thoughts or floating to do lists, try choosing a sound to focus your attention. You can also try counting your breaths — inhale for six counts, exhale for eight counts. You may need to practice this for several days or weeks to strengthen your ability to focus on a chosen sound or thought. The purpose of meditation is to begin to control your mind, not to clear it completely. Each time a distracting thought comes in, allow it to pass through and gently guide yourself back to your intended focus. It is important to begin to discern between distracting thoughts and divine messages, which is why we don’t simply ignore or interrupt thoughts. Watch them without judgement and decide to let them pass, or follow an inspired thought that may lead to an answer you have been seeking.

As you improve the skill of focusing, you can begin shifting your focus to your manifestation. This is where the fun begins! With your body relaxed and your mind open to direction, bring to mind visualizations in alignment with your manifestation. Imagine yourself with your new love, driving your dream car or traveling the world. Each time you practice, you can be more specific with the details of the experience you bring to mind. You can practice for 15-30 minutes per day or more, whatever works for you. After your meditation, write about the visions you had and allow ideas or guidance to come through regarding how to bring your daydreams into your reality. Meditating is only part of the journey. Following through with the inspired thoughts you receive and taking action is an equally important step in the manifestation journey. Remember, it is thought and action that bring your manifestations into your reality!

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