How to Cleanse Rhodochrosite

How to Cleanse Rhodochrosite

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Rhodochrosite is a rare and beautiful stone found in many places all over the world, but most notably in Argentina and Colorado. Because of its mineral make up, it is known to be used to heal bones, balance the nervous system and relieve tension headaches. Known as the stone of the compassionate heart, it can help tremendously in your efforts to release emotional baggage and strengthen your connection to the spirit realm. Read on to learn more about this precious natural creation of the earth.

What is Rhodochrosite and How Is It Formed?

Pure rhodochrosite is actually quite rare, which makes this mineral a valuable find when it crosses your path. Rhodochrosite is composed of manganese carbonate and ranges in color from light pink to dark red. At times, the manganese Is replaced by magnesium or calcium, altering the hardness, color and gravity of the mineral. This is why you can sometimes find rhodochrosite with more gray, yellow or brown coloring. 

Rhodochrosite is formed in metamorphic or sedimentary rocks as a beautiful, natural fracture filling. Each mineral layer is a unique and separate event that produces the brilliant pink material. It can also form as stalactites and stalagmites on the ceilings and floors of caves, some of the best examples found at the Capillitas and Catamarcas sites of Argentina. Rhodochrosite is actually the national gemstone of Argentina and the state mineral of Colorado, where the Sweet Home Mine and surrounding sites produce some of the worlds rarest and purest pieces. 

Rhodochrosite’s Purpose and Uses

As stated above, rhodochrosite is made up of manganese, a mineral essential for healthy bone growth and maintenance. It can be used in elixirs to heal and balance our brain, nervous system and many of the body’s enzyme systems. To relieve tension headaches, try placing rhodochrosite at the base of the skull. 

Rhodochrosite can also be used to support emotional healing of past traumas and suppressed feelings. As the stone of the compassionate heart, adding this beautiful and powerful heart chakra stone to your journaling ritual can amplify your release. Spiritually, rhodochrosite can be used to bring your higher and lower chakras into balance with one another. Ground your ideas and intuition, gain confidence in your spiritual guidance, openly express your creativity and strengthen your heart with this stone. If you are seeking to find alignment with the divine masculine and divine feminine within, creating a ritual with rhodochrosite will support your goals. 

Metaphysical Properties of Rhodochrosite 

With rhodochrosite’s ability to help you heal a range of spiritual imbalances, it is important to set clear intentions when working with this stone. Meditate with rhodochrosite daily to open and balance the heart chakra, illuminating self love, inviting inner peace and inspiring joy. The more often you connect with this loving stone, the more sensitive you will become to its strong healing energy. As you cleanse your own emotional stress, rhodochrosite will begin to suggest ways to act on the behalf of others, extending the love you have for yourself to the world around you. 

Rituals to attract new love, friendships and soulmate connections of any kind are strengthened with rhodochrosite. You can also use this stone to connect with the energies of creativity, passion and sexuality. 

Rhodochrosite Cleansing Methods

It is best to cleanse your rhodochrosite pieces with selenite, full moon energy, or sacred smoke. If you have a selenite bowl, plate or wand, keep your rhodochrosite atop or nearby to keep it cleansed and charged. Be sure to occasionally recharge your selenite piece as well. During the full moon, place your rhodochrosite in direct moonlight as an alternative cleansing method. Finally, you can wash your rhodochrosite in sage, Palo Santo or incense smoke to cleanse it of old energies it may have absorbed during use. Be sure to set intentions of any of the cleansing rituals above.

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