Feel More Energized - Daily Affirmations for Vitality

Feel More Energized - Daily Affirmations for Vitality

Using these affirmations can help you redirect negative energy and increase positive energy. Using self talk to boost your energy will help you and your brain realize that you have the power to overcome any less than favorable state of being and shift yourself into a high energy state whenever you need to! 

Affirmations to Feel More Energized

I wake up feeling amazing. 

I am prepared to make the most of my day.

My thoughts and intentions are clear.

I am energized and ready to succeed.    

I start my day proclaiming my gratitude.

I see the best in everyone around me.


I feel inspired and I know everything is possible. 

I work out drink water and eat a balanced diet.

I feel like my best self. 

I meditate and relinquish worry. 

I stay focused and inspired. 

My mind is sharp and I am efficient. 

I clean and organize my home often.


I prioritize my tasks to maximize my time. 

I love the start of a new week. 

I value all that I have and express my appreciation.

I make the most of each moment.

I choose my battles wisely.

I am focused on what really matters.

I protect my energy from those who drain me.

I maintain an optimistic mindset.


I feel so happy and upbeat.

I love feeling productive.

I find the humor in life.

I feel accomplished.

I've found ways to naturally boost my energy.

I am flying high.

I thank the universe for this life I live.

I am joyful and abundant.

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