Crystals And Stones For Fertility

Crystals And Stones For Fertility

Is it true that crystals can aid with fertility?

There isn’t solid science to back up using crystals for fertility, yet many people swear by the benefits of inviting crystal energy into their journey to conceive. It certainly doesn’t do any harm to give them a try! We do not recommend using only crystals as your sole treatment plan for fertility. While crystal can help bring spiritual illumination and balance, seeing a physician will help with the physical aspects of fertility.

How do I know what crystals to choose for my fertility journey?

When you are choosing a stone for fertility, there are a few things to look for. If you resonate with chakra balancing, you may be drawn to crystals that help with the following energy centers:

  • Sacral chakra for reproductive health and creation energy
  • Heart chakra for love vibration and forgiveness, compassion & healing
  • Base chakra for family, foundations, strength and empowerment

You also want to consider any fears you may have associated with being pregnant, giving birth, or parenting your child. This is the most important emotional and spiritual work you can do on your journey to parenthood. If you have unhealed trauma from your childhood, you could potentially be blocking your blessings when it comes to creating your family. A lot of us hold on to fear of turning into our parents, or have a subconscious belief that because we did not have the best examples growing up, there is no way we could love a child in a meaningful way. These beliefs can only be healed if they are confronted and released. 

Below, we suggest the best crystals to add to your fertility journey, from opening the heart to healing old stories.

The top 4 crystals for fertility


Linked to sacral and base chakra healing, this stone is a great choice for your fertility journey. Place carnelian on your womb and allow it to connect with your sexual energy and lower chakras. Its strong connection to creativity and the inner child will help provide an energetic boost to your fertility journey.


Known as an amplifier, protector and cleanser, selenite can help draw lower vibrational energy away from your aura so you can begin positive movement forward. If you find yourself emotionally weighed down or in need of release, meditate with selenite. This stone will assist you in letting go of old stories and brighten your energy. After a good cleanse, you’ll find it easier to imagine your positive outcome in great detail. 

Rose Quartz

Open your heart chakra to love and compassion for self by working with rose quartz. Conceiving a child looks different for everyone, so it’s important to step into this journey ready to go with the flow and remain nurturing to self. Rose quartz will also aid you in forgiving the past so you can rebuild your story of parenthood.


Lepidolite brings you back into emotional balance when you may be overwhelmed. This beautiful purple stone supports harmony, self-love and compassion, giving you nurturing energy during life’s ups and downs. If you are finding your thoughts floating toward the worst case scenario or your fertility journey is causing stress, this is a great stone to turn to. Lepidolite can help realign your mind, body and soul with your desired outcome.

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