2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Capricorn

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Capricorn

I Manifest New Opportunities

Capricorn has a hard time feeling relaxed and enjoying the pleasures of life if their work is off track. Help your Capricorn manifest opportunities in alignment with their biggest goals with the I Manifest Opportunities journal and candle.

Spiritual Habit Tracker

Our organized Capricorn friends may need more structure around their spiritual practice. It may be tough convincing them to take some me time but once they understand the value, this downloadable tracker will help them attach that sense of accomplishment they love to their every day rituals.

Lapis Lazuli

This powerful stone is known to bring your throat chakra and third eye into balance, helping one to express their truest self and lead with their intuition. Our sweet Capricorns have a hard time leaving traditionalism and finding their own voice. Meditating and sitting with Lapis Lazuli will help bring their awareness to who they are so they can make the conscious decision to step into that version. 

Aura Clearing Ritual Kit

What’s better than a full kit of ritual tools for our regimented babes? This kit comes with sage, palo santo, a gorgeous orgone pendulum, our cleansing aura spray, a tea light candle and a selenite wand PLUS suggested uses for each item. Your Capricorn will squeal with delight!

Capricorn Swag

Check out our zodiac pieces for Capricorns: a super soft sweatshirt available in 5 colors and a sterling silver bar necklace with three coating options available. 

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