Best Oracle Cards For Love Readings

Best Oracle Cards For Love Readings

Your love life is a reflection of you, and sometimes there’s no better way to tap into it than with clear, concise questions that get to the heart of the matter. We have created two oracle decks specifically for your love and relationship questions. Our Soulmate Edition and Reconciliation Edition Truth Decks were created with simplicity and honesty in mind, so you have the best tools for self-exploration and growth. Each card provides you with a unique and inspirational answer, to help guide you to the revelations that will truly spark clarity, awareness and growth towards better relationships.

The Truth Decks Soulmate Edition

With the Soulmate Edition, you can access the wisdom and guidance of your subconscious mind to help you move forward with clarity and confidence. It features 100 messages focused on finding new love, exploring your connection with others, and healing past love. The cards are direct, making it easy for beginners to read and interpret. This deck would make a great gift for anyone new to oracle card readings for themselves or others. 

Although the cards are designed for romantic readings, they can also be used to tap into messages regarding friendships, family dynamics, and other types of relationships. Clear guidance is at your fingertips with our Soulmate Edition Truth Deck.

The Truth Decks Reconciliation Edition

This deck is a genuine portrayal of the highs, lows, and everything in between that comes with falling in love in the modern world. Our Reconciliation Edition touches on energy needed to rekindle love, understanding challenges you may be facing with a partner, and the root cause of a split. There are many ways this deck can be used, not just when it comes to love connections and future partnerships. The Reconciliation Edition Truth Deck can show us where our energy is now being invested, if and how we can be hindered, as well as what we desire subconsciously in relationships. Being aware of what we're attracted to and what is or isn't working in each relationship allows us to get that much closer to achieving our goals.

The Reconciliation Edition can also be used for any type of relationship with another. Ask questions regarding family, friends, coworkers and other bonds that need spiritual guidance to help understand the underlying issues. 

How to Read Oracle Cards

Reading oracle cards is a skill that anyone can learn. They are approachable and simple tools for positive change and deeper reflection. Oracle cards have fewer rules than tarot cards — there is no specific system to follow in order to understand the meaning of each card. You can use them with any spread you choose or simply pull as many cards as you intuitively feel. Oracle cards get right to the point, making them a great choice for anyone looking for guidance. Below, we have a cleansing ritual to get you started, and instructions on how to perform your own love reading. 

Love Oracle Readings Cleansing Ritual

Before using your deck, make sure it is cleansed and ready. For best results, perform a smoke cleansing ritual with palo santo or sage. Afterward, you can use a pendulum to restore equilibrium. This will help you program your deck with your own personal energy. Next, before your reading you'll want to relax your body and mind with a 10-15 minute meditation or cleansing bath/shower. 

Preparing For Your Love Oracle Cards Reading & Interpretations 

  1. Keep Your Intention(s) Clear: There is no right or wrong way to read oracle cards, but here are a few tips that will make your readings more powerful and enjoyable. Many people read with very little or no intention in mind. Think about what you want to receive from the reading. Do you want guidance on a particular relationship or issue? Or do you just want insight into your love life in general? By keeping your intention clear, you will be more likely to understand the cards you pull.
  2. Quiet Time & Location: Set up a time and location where you won't be interrupted. Make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground. As you inhale for four seconds, exhale for five seconds, take a few deep breaths. Clearing and calming your energy is the objective here. (If you're feeling nervous, apprehensive, or stressed, your reading will reflect that!)
  3. Finding What You Want From Your Readings: Close your eyes and ask your question aloud or think it clearly to yourself. The question can be rephrased in a way that is more comfortable for you to answer. Do not ask "yes" or "no" questions, as they are very restrictive!
  4. Understanding Your Love Oracle Deck: Open your eyes, shuffle while thinking of your question and pick your cards. Take a moment to take in the cards in front of you. They have individual meanings, but also may combine with the cards to the left or right to create a deeper story. This is where you use your intuition to help you interpret the spiritual messages for your question.
  5. Processing Your Love Oracle Reading Ritual: Allow your thoughts to float freely through your head while you continue to sit in silence. What feelings do you have? What are your thoughts right now? Whatever the case, you may hear a voice or see something in your mind's eye, or just know.
  6. Record Your Love Oracle Readings: If you'd like, you can write down your ideas and observations. Our I Manifest Love Journal is perfect after each love oracle reading. So why not take a few minutes now to write down what our truth decks taught you? Whatever you get, express your gratitude to Spirit for their love and support along this journey.

If you are feeling stressed or frustrated as you process your reading, step away for a while and come back to it when you are relaxed. You can start with one question and one card per day to help ease your way into the practice. Just ask "what do I need to know about my love life today?" and allow the card to make sense over time. There's no pressure and no rush! 

Shop our full line of original Truth Deck oracle cards for beginners and seasoned readers alike! You're sure to find something in alignment with your journey.

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