Best Candles For Manifesting

Best Candles For Manifesting

When it comes to choosing a candle for your manifestation ritual, you may want to consider the color. Each color of the spectrum has an associated energy, which you can take into account when practicing any spiritual ritual. To keep it simple, you can go with a white candle to attract your desires. However, if you fancy something more specific, get to know how colors are associated with the chakra system, emotions and areas of life. You can apply this color meaning to the candle itself, the jar it is in or even the lighter or matches you use to light the wick. 

What Color Candle is Best for Manifestation


Red is connected to the root chakra and carries the energies of passion, love, strength and intensity. A red candle is perfect for rituals relating to bringing balance to the root chakra, grounding, or attracting love or power. Our native ancestors associated red with fire, blood and primal energy. The darker energies of violence, anger and aggression can also be tied to red. Grab a red candle when you are looking to confront these darker energies to explore their deeper cause and meaning. 


Orange is associated with the sacral chakra and evokes joy, creativity, success and warmth. A stimulating color, orange candles can be used to bring balance to the sacral chakra or in rituals relating to sexuality, passion, freedom, self-expression, or creation of any kind. 


Yellow is a bright, joyful color evoking positivity, happiness, clarity and awareness. With its connection to the solar plexus, a yellow candle can be used in rituals relating to confidence, manifesting a positive outcome and improving mental clarity.


Green is the color of money and associated with the heart chakra. You’ll easily find green money candles in your local spiritual shop. Green is connected to the energies of wealth, growth, harmony and generosity. Include a green candle in rituals associated with your career, new opportunities and bringing balance to a relationship or situation.


Blue is associated with calm, security, trustworthiness and loyalty. It is connected to the throat chakra and therefore the perfect color candle to use in rituals related to communication. If you’re having trouble expressing your truth or feeling heard by others, try writing your feelings down and lighting a blue candle to bring harmony.


Purple is well-known as the color of royalty and riches. It is also associated with the higher chakras, both the third eye and crown. If you wish to strengthen your intuition, connect with the spirit realm, understand your own psychic abilities, or broaden your intellect, add purple candles to your ritual work. 


White can be associated with the higher chakras, but is also considered a neutral catchall for ritual work. Choose a white candle to represent divine energy you wish to infuse into your intention setting. You’ll come across white candles most often, making it easier to grab one for any ritual you are planning. 


Black is associated with the shadow self, protection and cleansing. Light a black candle only when you need to release energy, as it will be absorbed by the black candle. Be careful of using this method of energy work, as a candle stored with darker energy can invite that energy to stay around longer than you wish. Smaller black candles are best for this reason, and using an additional cleansing agent such as sage or selenite crystals can help balance the energy your candle absorbs.

Three Candles for your Everyday Manifestations 

We have three candles for your manifestation rituals below that can assist in bringing in money, love or new opportunities. Simply lighting the candle and walking away is not enough to bring your manifestations to you. Read on for specific instructions on how to use each candle.


Use this candle to bring balance to your finances or help in your spiritual efforts to attract more money. It helps to have a clear understanding of your relationship with money before you begin working towards attracting more of it. Ask yourself what your beliefs are about money. Do you have an abundant or scarcity mindset? If you are asking for money from a place of fear that you do not have enough, that would explain why it does not show up for you. Thoughts of lack only begets further lack. 

With thoughts and beliefs of abundance in your spirit, write a list or script a few paragraphs about the financial situation you truly desire. You can be as specific as you would like! When your desire feels complete and clear, read it aloud as if it is already yours. Give gratitude for the ideas, people and motivation to attract and keep the blessings you have written. Light your candle, taking a deep and cleansing breath to release your manifestation into the ether. As your candle burns, your magic is sewn into the world around you. 

As your candle burns each day and even in between burning sessions, pay close attention to signs of your manifestation coming to you. It may come in any form, so be sure to keep your energy open to receiving guidance from any direction. If you are asking for more money, you may receive an idea, see an ad, or meet a person that leads you there. Use discernment to avoid being misled, but be open to knowing when it feels just right.


You may be looking for new opportunities to expand your consciousness, friend circle, or to enjoy life on your terms. Use this candle for anything of the sort! As with the money candle, be sure your energy is open and optimistic before taking time to write out your desired outcome. What opportunities are you looking for? What will life be like once this opportunity is seized? How will you feel? Who will join you? Be as specific as you can. When you feel your manifestation is clear in your mind and on paper, take a deep breath as you light your candle. Pay close attention to the opportunities that come your way, in packages big and small.


You may be looking to attract higher quality people to love and be loved by. Use this candle to complete your love ritual for romance, friends or to align with your soul family. As with the candles above, be sure your energy is ready and open to receiving these people into your life. Do you feel deserving? How will these relationships fit into your life once they are here? What will they mean to you? Be as specific as you can. When you feel your manifestation is clear in your mind and on paper, take a deep breath as you light your candle. Remember that you’ll have to put yourself out there in some way to meet the people you wish to find. Be open, but discerning as you meet new people. Remember how you wrote about them and stay alert for signs that they are the match you desire.


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