Being Your Authentic Self

Being Your Authentic Self

Living as your authentic self is the key to a balanced human experience — one that excites and fulfills you through challenges and celebrations. Many of us aren’t aware of how our decisions are influenced by a need to please others. While this might satisfy you at first, it can eventually begin to cause inner "dis-ease" that becomes difficult to ignore. 

So what do you do when you realize you want to get to know the truest you? Here are a few meditation and journaling prompts to get to the root of you

What are my interests?

These are things that are uniquely you and you deserve the experience of exploring as many as possible. Don’t worry about figuring out how or when just yet. For now, acknowledge the existence of these interests within you and let them be. 

What brings me joy?

If you are experiencing increased frustration or anxiety, it could very well be because you’ve spent too much time fulfilling obligations without doing something just for the fun of it. Whip out your list every week and plan something to keep your joy fresh.

What causes me anxiety?

If you don’t know, let it be a self awareness exercise. As soon as you feel your anxiety rise in your body, take a moment to retrace your steps. Check your five senses for what you absorbed that could have caused it. Ask yourself deeper questions to better understand and heal your triggers.

What skills would I love to learn?

This can obviously point to a profession you would love, but more importantly ways to enrich your life. Learning new skills, languages or habits allows you to satisfy your curiosity and continue to impress yourself.

How would I spend each day if money wasn’t a factor?

Want to cuddle with puppies all day? Find a shelter to volunteer at or start a pup-sitting business. Prefer to spend all your time exploring nature? Try out a new park in your area once a month. Chances are there is a way to spend time doing more of what you love sooner than you think.

What does the happiest version of me look like?

Visualize your most authentic self with no resistance or judgment. This can sometimes take a few tries, especially if it is something you haven’t considered before. When you have awareness of who you prefer to be, you also have a destination to which you can begin mapping your way.


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