Attracting Money Crystals

Attracting Money Crystals

The journey of attracting more money on a consistent basis is most successful when it involves spiritual awareness. When considering your daily rituals to attract money, you may wish to invite crystal energy to help you find balance, protect your aura and amplify your efforts. Read on to learn about three crystals you can add to your money meditations.

Green Aventurine

Known as one of the luckiest stones you could have in your collection, green aventurine is a must-have for your money attraction intentions. It aids in releasing old patterns that may hold you back from achieving success — such as complacency, procrastination, or fear of putting yourself out there. This heart chakra stone allows you to be more receptive to new opportunities, and encourages you to persevere when you may otherwise succumb to discouragement. Meditating with green aventurine can also amplify your natural leadership abilities. 


Pyrite is a naturally occurring iron disulfide mineral. It’s named after the Greek work for fire - pyr - as it sparks when struck by metal. The gorgeous, metallic luster of Pyrite resembles a gold nugget is what gives it the nickname Fool’s Gold. When it comes to your money manifestations, Pyrite is a powerful shield against negative energy and fear blocking your success. As a solar plexus stone, meditating and working with Pyrite during your healing rituals will aid in the strengthening of your will power and confidence. Pyrite is considered a prosperous stone that encourages wealth and success in all endeavors. 


Citrine is a quartz mineral often found alongside amethyst. It is very well known as a money attraction stone. Its coloring varies from pale yellow to amber, depending on its exposure to heat. Citrine is a stone of prosperity and joy, aiding in cleansing the paralyzing fear of starting something new, tackling a new project, or going after your biggest dreams. If you are working up the confidence to execute your ideas into action, add citrine to your daily rituals.  


Malachite is a copper mineral with light and dark green marbling. This beautiful heart chakra stone was used in ancient Egypt for jewelry, makeup and artwork. Known as the stone of transformation, malachite brings harmony to the change you’re stepping into. New jobs, projects and homes benefit from its balancing aura. You can also use malachite to draw impurities from your energy centers and protect you from misfortune.

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