2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Aquarius

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Aquarius

Ruby Zoisite Obelisk

This sign is probably the least afraid of change. They’re more likely to feel stifled by traditionalism and rebel the first chance they get. As you watch the Aquarius in your life shift, give them the gift of Ruby Zoisite to aide in their transformation. This stone supports courage and helps balance the anxiety and fear that comes along with creating a new world.

Book of Manifestations Journal

Our dear Aquarius is prone to social change and genius foresight, as they challenge the status quo with originality and out of the box thinking. Their plans for world change and domination will require some planning, making this journal the perfect gift. 

Amazonite Pendulum & Pendulum Charts

With decisions weighing them down, choose a pendulum like Black Tourmaline & White Agate for calming and clearing the mind. Pair it with a set of our downloadable pendulum guides (in your Aquarius’ favorite color, of course) to give them more range with their spiritual communication.

The Truth Decks ® 2nd Edition

With 100 cards featuring direct messages and numbers to read timelines and numerology, this deck is an easy tool to grab for extra spiritual guidance. Help your Aquarius learn to channel their transformative efforts with divine intuitive energy.

Aquarius Swag

Check out our zodiac pieces for Aquarius: a super soft sweatshirt available in 5 colors and a sterling silver bar necklace with three coating options available. 

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