Meditation For Clarity And Guidance

Meditation For Clarity And Guidance

In this post, we’re sharing a meditation ritual you can use as a base for clarity and guidance. As with any ritual you see or read about on the internet, add your own flare and follow your intuition. Keep your goals in mind, do your own research to figure out what to add and subtract to cater your ritual to you. If you are seeking clarity to make an important decision or guidance on how to move ahead in alignment, read on for tips on how to mediated and receive just that!

Setting Up Your Meditation Space

When you are ready to meditate, it is first extremely important to set the mood. You want to start off as physically balanced as possible and find an appropriate area that will support calm and focused energy. Aside from ensuring your special time will go uninterrupted, here are a few more ways you can prep a meditation space.

Crystals for Clarity and Guidance

If you are sensitive to healing crystal energy, try these specific stones to add to your clarity ritual. Labradorite is an incredible energy source for clearing the mind of ruminating, negative thought patterns. It aids in cleansing the crown chakra, strengthening the third eye and opening the throat chakra to express new perspectives and revelations. Amethyst is the most well-known stone for the third eye. If you are looking to amplify your psychic powers and intuition, this stone is an incredible choice. It can also help alleviate psychic headaches from heightened awareness and sudden spiritual growth. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone that connects us to the spirit realm. It is great for communicating with your spirit guides and meditations specifically seeking divine guidance and information.

Preparing for Meditation

Stuff carries energy. The more stuff you have in your meditation space, the less you may be able to focus or relax. Find the most clutter free space in your home, or head to a park, beach or courtyard area where you can find peace. Maybe try a library if you prefer to be indoors.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing so your thoughts are not distracted by itchy or tight fabrics. It’s really tough to control your mind when your pants are too tight. Another meditation tip is to hydrate yourself beforehand. Let’s just say in general, take care of any needs that can give you the most comfort during your meditation. Eat a snack, use the restroom, take a nap, make a to-do list, or anything else that can help you find ease for a moment.

When you are ready, read through the instructions below to get the gist of how to meditate. There aren’t too many steps, so you should be able to read through a few times and then try it out yourself. 

A Guided Meditation for Clarity and Divine Guidance

To begin your meditation, find a comfortable, seated position. For this particular type of meditation, we are opening the higher chakras. It is best to be seated with your spine as straight as possible, allowing energy to directly flow into your crown chakra, through your system to your root. If you find discomfort seated, you can of course lie down. What is most important is your ability to focus for 10 minutes or more. 

Start with three deep, cleansing breaths. Place one hand on your heart, another on your belly and take a deep breath in, pause for one second, then exhale fully. After three breaths, slow down by counting six as you inhale, and counting to eight as you exhale. Continue breathing and counting as you release tension in the body. Start by relaxing the face, then the shoulders, working your way all the way down to the feet. It is most effective to relax your body with each exhale. Feel your body connect with the surface below you. Feel your body filling with air and releasing with each breath. Allow your thoughts to float towards calming mantras of peace and tranquility. 

When you feel fully relaxed and focused, bring your specific question or situation to mind. Focus on this question by seeing it written in your mind’s eye, or hearing it spoken aloud to the universe. 

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