3 Simple Self-Love Rituals To Help You Feel Amazing

3 Simple Self-Love Rituals To Help You Feel Amazing

Are you ready to commit to living a life of gentleness towards yourself? It’s a very direct question, the answer to which can really say a lot about where you are in your self-love journey. Do you value the physical body you occupy, the mental abilities you employ, and the heart you cherish? Doing so leads you directly to feeling whole as you live your life in a way that honors and you.

Let’s talk about self-love. It’s not a destination but a practice that you perform daily as a way of feeding your spirit. What this ritual consists of is entirely up to you, as your needs in love are bound to ebb and flow. The point is to take time for yourself everyday to feel your own glory — do something that brings you joy, write about how much you love being you, or speak affirmations to yourself in the mirror to build up that love. Whatever it is, all that matters is that it is done with love and care. 

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What Is Self Love?

Self-love is more than just a feeling of well-being. It is the power of self-worth that grows with consistent rituals feeding your mental, physical and spiritual awareness and balance. A strong sense of self-love expands your capacity to accept your flaws and celebrate your strengths. It lessens the need to rationalize our failures and allows us to have compassion for ourselves. Self-love is spiritual armor that helps you remain focused on your purpose and the happiness you deserve in this life.

There are so many different actions you can take to practice self-love. Traditionally, we hear about a luxurious spa day or treating yourself to a special meal. Did you know that standing up for yourself and your beliefs is also a form of self-love? So is choosing to change your diet to eliminate foods that disrupt your physical comfort. Or staying away from content that shifts your mental to a dark place. Let’s explore a few daily practices you can try as you learn what your version of self-love entails. 

Starting Your Day With A Yoga Session

Self-care should be a part of your morning routine from the moment you wake up. Your first thoughts each day are very illuminating — they indicate what your subconscious mind is focused on. If you awaken with a sense of dread or thoughts of stress, you can start turning that around by adding some love first thing in the morning. 

To support a new habit of daily yoga, keep your yoga mat as close to your bed as possible. Ayurvedic tradition encourages movement in the first moments of your day to awaken and connect your mind and body. Roll out of bed, drink a glass of water and head to the mat for some simple movements. Start with a forward fold, rolling your neck to loosen and lengthen your spine. Slowly roll up, one vertebrae at a time, as you draw your hands up your body and reach to the sky. Lengthen your body and move intuitively, stretching your arms, legs and torso. Align your breath with your movement, taking deep inhales and exhales with intention. 

As your practice improves, you will notice an increase in your flexibility, strength, and balance. Yoga alone has helped many people gain physical awareness and increase their energy levels. Move more mindfully through the world and get to know your body through this ancient practice.

For a one-on-one session to learn how to get started, book here with Lauren.

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Prompts For Expressing Love For Oneself In Writing

When it comes to scripting your self-love, it can feel a bit awkward at first if you’re not used to praising yourself. But I’m here to tell you, get used to it! It’s such a beneficial practice for your spirit and mental health. I promise, it will feel normal and even invigorating in no time. How can you express your value if you do not believe in it yourself?

Start with a few deep breaths to ground your energy, then let your pen flow with as much gentleness and presence as you can. Flow from the heart about how you see your highest self. Who is the happiest version of you? What do they do for a living, where do they live, who do they love and what do they do for fun? 

If it feels uncomfortable, just write a few sentences to start. Next time, write a few more or from a different point of view. Write about the amazing life you deserve or all there is to love about you. Or simply write “I love being me” 50 times. It doesn’t have to be a deep, poetic love letter to have a lasting effect of your self-perception. 

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Create A Peaceful And Calming Bath Space For Self-Love

If you bathe every day (or at least a few times a week, no judgment here) then you already have the perfect space to insert a little self love. We can’t help talking about our spiritual bath and shower rituals to anyone who will listen. Here are a few things you can do to enhance your daily experience:

  • Add candles to set intentions, whether it is to deepen your connection with yourself or cleanse your aura of low vibrational energies,
  • Choose some music to play in the background, from high vibe artists to chakra healing frequencies,
  • Gather crystals that call to you, rose quartz is perfect for self-love

As you bathe, create a full sensory experience by focusing on the sounds, smells and sights of you cleansing your body. Be mindful of each moment and allow yourself to fully feel appreciation. Allow your mind to wander to your best qualities, most admired traits, and most distinctive characteristics. Give gratitude for your recent growth or achievements. If this bath is an achievement, then simply enjoy finally getting to this moment alone. The warm water will help you relax and let go of the pieces of yourself that no longer serve you. 

Maintaining Adequate Self-Care is essential. When you love yourself and your life, you will feel happier, more balanced and energized! Pretty Spirits was created to offer you everything you need to build a full practice of self-love, spiritual awareness and personal growth. Browse our shop for oracle decks to help you find clarity, journals to receive your deepest desires and realizations, and crystals to raise your vibration. 

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