3 Crystals and Healing Stones for Grounding

3 Crystals and Healing Stones for Grounding

Grounding is how we nurture one of our most important relationships — the one we have with the Earth. As you practice, spiritual, emotional, and physical harmony is restored through your root chakra. Low energy is neutralized and your system is reset, allowing you to return to a sense of balance within.

Consider being grounded akin to consistently feeling rooted in your own truth, power and sense of certainty in your manifestations. A lack of grounding can cause a variety of problems, such as insecurity and a negative perspective on life. When you are constantly worried about finding peace, love, money, well-being overall, it can prevent you from finding things to appreciate in the present moment.

Whether you are taking a moment outdoors to feel the Earth beneath your feet or taking a few mindful breaths indoors, these stones can support your practice.  The three healing crystals listed here are among the best for connecting with the Earth, although there are many other stones that can be used.

Smokey Quartz

The high vibrational frequency of smokey quartz grounds the body from crown to root, making it the perfect choice for your grounding collection. Its spiritual properties include increasing awareness and bringing you into the present moment.

Whether you're experiencing anxiety or need to let go of problematic thought patterns, smokey quartz will help you to be free of your emotional baggage. When meditating, position a smokey quartz point away from the root chakra to assist you in becoming grounded with ease.


Hematite has a metallic exterior and can be found in black, grey, silver or even blood red tones. It's a base chakra stone that helps with your efforts to strengthen the foundations of your self-esteem, purpose and drive. Grab hematite if you are looking for a boost in focusing your energy and attention on what is in front of you. It can help clear and calm an overactive mind, allowing you access to the clarity you need. 

Also used as a stone of spiritual protection, hematite cleanses your aura of emotionally draining people, circumstances and thoughts. Meditate with this stone to ground your thoughts or carry it with you to strengthen your defenses. 

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a particularly powerful crystal for grounding because its natural formation process contains the elements of fire, earth, and water. It is very well known for its ability to absorb energy, including psychic overwhelm and lower vibrations from our interactions with others. It is used to strengthen psychic connections, protect, and ground.

Allowing black obsidian to connect with your root chakra will help calm and relaxed feelings of stress or anxiety. It has a very strong connection to the Earth, making it an especially great choice if you are doing your grounding work at a park or in your backyard. Hold your black obsidian stone as you plant your bare feet on the ground, feeling the energy of the Earth flow into your base and up through your system to the higher chakras. 

For optimal health and well-being, it is vital to remain grounded. By walking barefoot on the ground, you invite a positive flow of electrons from the Earth to nourish your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. In between your walks in grass, dirt or sand, you can use visualization and meditation to ground your energy. Add smoky quartz, hematite, or black obsidian to amplify your intentions and open up to cleansing and grounding.

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