2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Sagittarius

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Sagittarius

Lapis Lazuli

This truth telling stone is perfect for your truth seeking Sag. Lapis Lazuli relates to the throat chakra and third eye, aiding in clarity of thought, intuition and expression.


Sagittarius is a creative and hard worker who really needs to write things down so the details aren’t glossed over. Check out our journals to support their journey to organizing thoughts and processing the emotions they’re working through.

Book of Crystals 

Dedicated to learning and discovery, your Sag would really appreciate this very thorough book of crystal knowledge. Pair it with a crystal obelisk or pendulum to make it a gift set.

White Sage Chakra Healing Kit

Often in need of grounding and balance in between impulsive decisions, this chakra healing kit is perfect for Sag. Each sage stick correlates with a different chakra and can be used to help cleanse and bring balance.

Sagittarius Swag

Check out our zodiac pieces for Sagittarius: a super soft sweatshirt available in 5 colors and a sterling silver bar necklace with three coating options available.

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