2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Gemini

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Gemini

Ground Yourself Crystal Set - You may have noticed your Gemini has the tendency to bounce around different brilliant ideas or plans but struggle with finalizing anything. We suggest this grounding crystal set to help slow the mind down and process thoughts beyond the idea stage.

Blue Sage Stick - A greater focus on what is important and how they want their life to play out will help your Gemini make firmer decisions they are excited to see through. Try blue sage, known to help bring balance and clarity to the mind, especially when used during meditation. 

Chakra Orgone Pendulum & Pendulum Chart - We all know a Gemini can run into indecision pretty frequently. A pendulum is a great way to get their intuition more involved in the choices they may struggle with. Try the Chakra Orgone pendulum and  Pair it with one of our downloadable pendulum charts. 

The Truth Decks ® First Edition - Gift an oracle deck to your favorite Gemini if they are searching for greater self awareness and discernment. Our First Edition is available in 5 colors and perfect for any level of psychic reader. 

Gemini Swag - Check out our zodiac pieces for Gemini: a super soft sweatshirt available in 5 colors and a sterling silver bar necklace with three coating options available.

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